My day off……

I love when I have a Monday off! It’s like having a normal weekend, but I think I get more satisfaction knowing most people went back to work today…sorry to those that did. 😉 But I did have to work Saturday so you can rub it in my face of the great Saturday you had.

I woke up to a snowy and cold morning which I wasn’t too enthused about because I had great intentions of taking Telli for a walk-run. But plan B didn’t sound too bad either. I made myself a nice little breakfast. Egg whites, blueberries, PB&J toast and a soy latte!!! Warm breakfast was the perfect way to relax just a little this morning!


Oh, I forgot to mention, I got pre-occupied putting the dishes away and forgot the latte machine was still steaming my milk…oops! 😉


I did my standard day-off-duties; you know…laundry….laundry….dishes…..laundry…clean…more laundry. (Can you tell I haven’t done laundry in over a week 😉 ) But in the process of all this cleaning and laundry I managed to make a huge pile of clothes I no longer wear and could send to goodwill! I’m so thrilled that I made more room in my closet! Go me! 🙂


I knew I needed to take Telli out and about to make sure she had some play time at the dog park! She was sick for a couple of weeks so we had to keep her away from other dogs. She’s much better now and has been itchin’ to see all of her friends. As much as I was dreading going outside I finally put on my down coat, snow boots and Yac-tracs–all for you Telli girl! I’m so glad we went out. It was absolutely beautiful! The snowflakes were huge, the ground and trees were still white from the last storm and Telli just ran around playing in all the snow. She had a ball! I also took the time to reflect and pray! I always love when there are no distractions (to Telli’s dismay we were the only ones at the dog park) and I can be in God’s beauty and praise him and thank him for the beautiful place I get to call home!

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Telli is now passed out on the couch, Nate is on the way home from work and I need to figure out what to make for dinner! I hope you all enjoy your night!

❤ God Bless!