Man, what a day! It went by so fast and I had so much fun–but I was tired! Telli felt the need to wake up at midnight to go to the bathroom.  play in the backyard. At midnight….really Telli? Well I met 5 of my co-workers at the Starbucks in REI downtown Denver. I love this Starbucks! It’s HUGE–but very cozy and great for meetings. I started with a grande skinny carmel latte, by the time I got down with the meeting I had another! I mean, when someone else is buying Starbucks-I’m going to say yes! I think my manager was a little concerned to be out visiting accounts with me today knowing I had 4 shots of espresso in my system! 🙂

We then stopped at King Soopers (a local grocery chain). I needed to pick up some gift cards and CANDY for my accounts. (Yes they prefer  candy over Starbucks or lunch!) I love shopping for candy! SO many options and I filled an entire carry basket!

After some accounts we stopped for lunch in Golden at restaurant that just opened! ModMarket was delish and I will definitely be going there again and again and again!

I enjoyed a chicken basil sandwich on ciabatta bread with an arugula salad on the side. Everything on their menu is made from scratch with the freshest ingredients! They change their menus as the seasons change to use the most local and fresh produce they can! How cool is that! And to drink; all their soda is made with cane sugar–and their creme soda is to die for!!!! I had 2!! 😉







The balsamic vinaigrette they used on the salad was SO good! It was sweet and paired perfectly with the sandwich to satisfy my hunger while never feeling full.

Nate took Telli for a walk tonight while I drove home from work, and we each saw a beautiful sight!


While Telli and Nate were on a walk they saw a herd of elk! It’s always fun to watch them interact, so Nate and Telli took in God’s beautiful creatures!


On my way home, I came up to where the Continental divide is gorgeous–and God had painted a beautiful sky beyond the mountains! (This picture doesn’t do it justice)

Great reminder to thank him for a wonderful, beautiful day!

What are you thankful for today?

❤ God Bless