Moving. Apartments. Travel. Wedding

Good morning! I hope the day is being well to you…and if it’s not, I found this on Pinterest and love the positive attitude behind it…..


I have in fact been staying busy with work, packing, summertime activities that are always around (showers, birthdays, bbq’s, etc..) However in the midst of everything the selling of our house has continued and we continue to pray and cross our fingers that everything still goes according to plan. Here is how our life has been…

1.) We put a deposit on an apartment! We wanted to make sure we have something locked into place for when our house sells (I’m staying positive) so we don’t end up homeless! 😉 I am so excited to move in…it has a pool, a view, lots of green space for Telli to run in, shops and restaurants nearby and best of all….a 5 minute commute to work!!! BOOM! The only downfall that it might have is the actual space inside the apartment. We saw pictures, but it wasn’t available to actually see; and it has a different layout with angled walls, so that could be interesting, but hey…it’s only temporary living for 10 months so I think we can make it work! 🙂


2.) We traveled down to Amarillo, Texas for the weekend to attend a beautiful wedding! I only worked a half day on Thursday, so it was great to leave early in the day light! Telli loves road trips-and I think she knows if she will be in the car for a while because her bed is in the back of the Subaru surrounded by luggage! But she loves to look out at the sights as we drive!



We unfortunately saw too may fires as we traveled south on I-25. There was one 20 miles south of our house, a couple near Colorado Springs and a few even further south of Pueblo. Ive seen smoke travel from fires before, but the one that was just south of Colorado Springs, we could see flames. It was pretty crazy how big they were and how many there were. We will be continuing to pray for rain and that no more structures get burned!

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We arrived to Nate’s parents, late on Thursday night and enjoyed sleeping in a little on Friday morning. (Although I did wake up at 5:30 with Telli to take her to the bathroom and feed her. I was pretty out of it and was happy to go back to bed!)

Nate always loves going back home, not only to see family, but for the food! Between BBQ and Mexican food, it was pretty much our diet for the three days. We went to a new restaurant in Amarillo called Tylers BBQ.


It was delicious! I enjoyed a shredded beef sandwich with a secret recipe potato salad. I asked the owner Tyler, for the recommendation “potato salad or coleslaw?” He told me to definitely try the potato salad because it is his own recipe. It had good flavor, but to be honest it was too smooth for my liking. I enjoy the chunky potato salad! 🙂



That evening we got together for a rehearsal dinner. It was delicious food! I got to meet a lot of Nate’s extended family from Arkansas that I still hadn’t met yet. What sweet southern people they are! We took some family pictures and I thought these just turned out so good!

The three generations of Clements boys!



The Clements family!



Saturday was jam packed with wedding! We met early to help decorate everything, and it turned out beautiful! Nate was in charge of the music, and myself and Ashlan (my sister-in-law) were in charge of serving cake and punch! It was a beautiful service and wedding in the beautiful Amarillo Botanical Gardens.



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We decorated the truck for them to leave in….isn’t it cute?

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I saw the ring bearer and flower girl running through the gardens, aren’t they adorable?


Nate and I ready for the wedding to begin!


Outdoor decor on the pergola




The ceremony


Table decorations

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The cakes!!!

After a wonderful and fun day, we enjoyed sometime in the hot tub! We had fun watching the dogs “want to jump in to join.”

We made the trip home yesterday and when we arrived in Denver we were greeted with some much needed rain and thunderstorms! As we climbed the mountain, we approached this cool looking storm cloud! 🙂



I hope you enjoy your Monday and rest of the week!

God Bless ❤