Coconut Milk.

First, I have to ask..Is anyone else addicted to Biggest Loser like I am? I love the stories, I love the transformations and I love how you watch each person learn how to love themselves again. I was a fan of Danni all season, so I couldn’t help to not only squeal in excitement when she walked out and looked fabulous, but also when she won by one-pound! It was also great to see how great the kids did! I am a huge supporter of overcoming child-hood obesity and the fact that there are kids out there that NEED to lose 40+ lbs is crazy to me! I loved the way the producers incorporated the children in this season. Not just trying to get them to be active and not necessarily “workout” but be active doing something they enjoy! I think my favorite comment was from Bingo when he said, “I have so much fun being active, I don’t have time anymore to play video games!” Good for you Bingo, that’s what being a kid should be doing!


So I went to bed last night with great intentions of waking up to go skiing today. It’s getting close to the end of the season, and I haven’t been able to get to go as often as I would like, so I wanted to advantage of my day off. Well when I woke up, the wind was howling!!! Nate called and told me it was a bear to walk from his car to the bus stop, trying not to get blown over. This quickly diminished my plans of skiing.  So I turned on the TODAY show and made me a delicious breakfast of Toast+Egg+Avocado+Banana+Coffee!


But then I felt guilty, I checked the weather at the resort, and it didn’t seem too bad. So off I drove–hoping I wasn’t going to waste a morning. (I knew if the weather was bad, or really windy, I would turn around, or sit in the lodge and drink hot cocoa 🙂 )


Look at all this snow that is piled up on the side of the road! (Don’t judge me for taking a picture while driving, I did slow down and there were no cars around me… 😉 )


I parked myself at A-Basin and had such a great time! There is something about going to a mountain by yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go with Nate or other friends, but when you are by yourself, you can do whatever you please, wherever you please at whatever pace you want. I rode the chairlift and searched for the good snow! About 3-4″ came last night, so it made the conditions incredible! It was a little windy, but sunny blue skies made up for it! I did take one spill, right under the chairlift, but it was in pure powder—so it was fun! 🙂

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I had a lot to get done on my day off too, so I left A-Basin around 11:30 so I could be home by 12:30 and on to everything by 1! Telli was so excited I was home, she didn’t let me take a second, or a nap…she made sure I was out the door with her by 1! I ran my errands with Telli- she did great in the car and then we went to the dog park! She not only chased dogs around for a long time, but we took a 2 mile hike in an area that dogs can be off leash! She did SO good! She always stayed within 20 ft of me and when we passed other dogs, she said hi, and then continued on! I was SO proud of her, especially after our last park experience! There were a couple icy patches that I thought I was for sure going down on…but I scooted like a penguin across them and managed to stay on my feet!


v6L5JFv-1RF67jDqkowCJyUiT_QZmZFYpB41565sv4A She was wiped!

By the time Nate got home tonight, I had laundry going, the kitchen and living area clean and dinner cooking!! He said he could get used to this. I wish I could be home from work every night to make him dinner!!! But I’ll have to say, I made a pretty darn good dinner!

It was my first time using coconut milk! I kind of combined two recipes off of two blogs I follow (Julie @ PBFingers and Jessica @ How sweet it  is). See, Nate hates brussel sprouts, probably like most of you. But I LOVE them and wanted to cook with them. So I was hoping with the sweetness of the coconut milk they would taste better for Nate to eat them. I thought they were delicious, but Nate put all his onto my plate..oh well, it was worth the shot!  Anyway, it was very simple. I sautéed chopped onions in coconut milk and olive oil in one pan. In the other pan I put the brussel sprouts with olive oil and coconut milk on a higher heat and let them caramelize. I used pre-cooked chicken, so I added that to the pan with coconut milk and onions as well as a bag of frozen green beans. I let that all cook together while the brussel sprouts caramelized. I then combined it all together and Viola! It was a delish dinner!


Time to relax with the hubby!

Have you tried anything new in your recipes lately, like my coconut milk?

❤ God Bless