Our weekend in Beaver Creek. Part 1

So I know it’s almost the weekend, but I had such a great weekend this past weekend, I wanted to spend time on this post–so it took me a little longer than normal….and I decided to break it up into two parts.

1. Beaver Creek is our favorite ski resort in Colorado! It’s hardly ever crowded and the ski runs are great! Unfortunately we never get to relax while we ski because we are spending so much time driving back and forth to the resort. I was thrilled when I heard Caryn and Jim wanted to come out and visit, and especially when I found out they were going to stay at Beaver Creek!

If you recall I did a post on Caryn and Kendra. It’s been since my wedding, October 7, 2011, that I have seen her…that is WAY to long!  Caryn and her husband Jim flew into Vail and Nate and I drove up Friday morning to meet them and go skiing! Their room was booked at the Park Hyatt, so this was the first time that Nate and I had the opportunity to stay in the main village of Beaver Creek. It was SO much fun, and there was so much going on! We got in plenty of skiing, relaxing and catching up. We left our house around 6:45 am, because we had to make a couple stops, one of which was to The Bagelry, in Evergreen. They have the best bagel breakfast sandwiches! I had a Sun-dried tomato basil bagel with eggs, cheese and scallions.


Oh boy…..it was SO good! The roads were clear so it only took us an hour and a half to get to Beaver Creek. We arrived at the Park Hyatt, and I couldn’t help but laugh. I get it, we were at a nice hotel and bellman come to your door to assist you with your luggage, parking etc….but I’m perfectly capable of carrying my own luggage up to the room. 😉 You should have seen all the looks we got in the hallway! Oh, and before we started the walk I made the mistake of asking the bellman if I could borrow his cart. “If you want me to take your luggage up for you, you can put the items on your cart.” No thanks.

After conversing in the room for awhile we decided it was time to hit the slopes! It was a beautiful morning, and even a little warm-I had my jacket unzipped for awhile! We met Jim at the mid-mountain lodge for lunch! (He rode up the chairlift and we skied down!) It was gorgeous and relaxing  while catching the mid-day rays!

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After a couple more hours of skiing, we decided it was hot-tub time!


There were 5 hot-tubs, but we decided this was our favorite! I’m a fan of the rock cliff with the water fall! It was the perfect way to relax the muscles after a day of skiing! When we all pruned up and decided it was enough time  in the hot tub, we went to the fire place to make s’mores! I loved this! I have never seen this done anywhere and the Park Hyatt hit it right on the head! They had sticks, graham crackers, home-made marshmallows and chocolates! Talk about a way to get my attention! Very delicious!


Oh, and we got to sit back, relax  have a glass of wine-me, beer-for Nate, and listen to live music! (Sung both by a guitarist and the kids that wanted to sing along with him–so sweet!)

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For dinner we were going to go to our favorite place, The Blue Moose, for pizza….but it ended up being a 45 minute wait. Although it’s worth the wait, we were hungry, so needed to think of a plan B. The Dusty Boot was nearby and had seating in 10 minutes! We had heard great things of this restaurant bar, but had never been there.


It was a FANTASTIC choice! Everyone was happy with their choice of food! We had some buffalo wings for appetizers…they were very good after I got past the spiciness! They had a sauce that was sweet, tangy & spicy-so very good flavor! I was ecstatic to see they served their burgers with Sweet Potato fries (my favorite) so I had to order one…but I chose the option of a chicken sandwich with the burger toppings!



Chicken+Guacamole+Onions+Pepperjack cheese+Bacon+ sweet roll bread = Mouth watering delishisness!!!!

Oh, and after walking around awhile we of course had to stop for gelato!


Blackberry Gelato!

Nate and Jim then went to watch the remainder of the March madness games and Caryn and I headed back to the hotel. I thought it was going to be great one-on-one girl talk time…..but I did what I do best, fell asleep!

Stay tuned for part 2!

What “extra” amenities that don’t come standard have you enjoyed at a place you have stayed? Like our s’mores!

❤ God Bless