The Woodhouse Spa. Denver

I work for a great company. They like to take care of their communities and they’re employees. 🙂

Every year in November we do a campaign to support money for The United Way. The United Way is a great organization that helps under privileged kids and adults, not only nationally but also in the Denver metro. The other cool thing is that my company matches our donation dollar for dollar! That’s huge! It means my donation is doubled!!! I love that I am able to work for a company that gives so much back to it’s community. Not that I ever need an incentive to give to the United Way, but my company typically adds in little perks to give an incentive to increase your donation.


My perk for being a leadership giver this year, was to spend a day at the spa! It was glorious! My manager pre-paid everything, all I had to do was show up at 1:00 after 3 hours of work! I was more than ready to show up! I went with our marketing executive Lisa, so it was fun to have someone there to converse with and enjoy the experience with. The Woodhouse Spa is a quiet retreat located in the  busy Uptown neighborhood, in an old historic home. It has beautiful, old charm  that on a cold and snowy day, was perfect to get warm and cozy in, 🙂 Not to mention have a mimosa waiting for me upon arrival.


We went to the second level to get changed into our comfy and warm robes! Massage was first. AH-mazing! First off,I walked into the room and it was decorated so beautiful with great charm. It was a large room, which to me was nice, because every other massage I’ve ever had is in a little room with a table and massage bed. I know the picture below is dark, but you can see there is a claw foot soaker tub, a couple windows, and a beautiful little chandelier that was dimly lit! Erin did my massage and it was one of the best massages I have ever had! She actually asked me a couple minutes in how the pressure was! I don’t get massages a lot, but I have had about 5, so I know the routine. I don’t like when they have me turn over-because it means I’m already half way done, and when they massage my head and face, it means the massage time is almost over-and it always goes by too fast!

I would love to take a bubble bath in this tub!!


Next up was the facial! This was my first one, and I didn’t have any idea of what to expect, except that they were going to put stuff on my face! Julieen was my facial person (no idea what they’re called) and it was great because she told me everything she was doing as she did it. I couldn’t recall what Julieen did exactly except put a lot of different products on my face that felt good, and smelled delicious! She wrapped a hot towel around my face quite a few times and also had a steamer almost always on my face! Oh, and then when my skin was “exfoliated” and the pores were open–she picked out a couple blackheads. Kinda weird if you ask me, but oh well, I think I have the clearest skin I’ve ever had right now! I didn’t really get a good picture in here, but look outside–I’m glad I was cozied up inside in a robe!


Now for a bit of the funny part. I went to my locker to change out of my cozy robe.. 😦 and I forgot my locker code! They have the electronic lockers that you make up the 4 digit code to unlock it. And….I not only forgot the code, but I forgot which locker I put my stuff in. Luckily, there were only 2 locked lockers on the section I remembered using, but still…I tried every 4-digit pin I’ve ever used, on both lockers..and nothing! So I walked into the lobby in my robe to get assistance. Oops!

Then it was pedi time! I love pedi time! It’s such a great way to relax (not that I wasn’t already relaxed.) But I think since I wear heels almost everyday, pedicures are a great feet reliever! And they make your toes look cute! The room with the pedicures had a great window to look outside and see the snow fall!


Beautiful right? And check out this foot bath tub!-Isn’t it gorgeous?!?


At the end, I had one drink that I needed to pay for. I went to the cashier to take care of it and she told me, “that will be two-fifteen. do you want to add a tip on?” Well me, thinking the spa day was already paid for as well as the tip….eh, on a $2.15 drink (cheap drink!!) I don’t need to tip for the drink. When I looked at Lisa and said that is the cheapest drink ever, the lady looked at me and said no $215! I think she quickly realized I wasn’t prepared to pay $215 and looked through the notes to see it was already paid for. Whew! That cheap drink turned into an expensive drive which turned into everything taken care of!

I had so much fun and enjoyed myself at the Woodhouse Spa. It was a great retreat from work and good way to kick back and relax a little bit!

Until I had to walk outside to the car….in 3″ of snow… flip-flops. My feet were kinda cold! 🙂


Happy Monday!

❤ God Bless