African Bar and Grill and Ginger Beer!

Happy Friday to you all! Are you excited it’s Friday? Did you have yourself a fabulous week? I’m excited it’s Friday, but I did have the day off yesterday since I work Saturday….so I guess it doesn’t really feel like a typical Friday to me. I had a great and relaxing day off yesterday. It began by taking a 5.5 mile speed walk! It started as  I’ll just walk to here, but I wanted to see where the path went, so I went to the road, and then I saw I was only 1 mile away from the city park, and then I got to the city park and wanted to walk around the lake….so that’s what I did with my amazing and wonderful walking buddy, Telli! It’s a good thing I was trying to walk fast, as it seemed to make Telli feel like she wasn’t pulling as hard…but man, that was tough hanging on to her for that long!

2013-08-22 09.02.47     2013-08-22 09.25.39       2013-08-22 08.59.40


It was a great morning for a walk, a little humid, but cooler and cloudier than most mornings we have had lately! I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of Telli at the lake. It was hilarious and I’m sure the crowd enjoyed watching me maneuver Telli. I don’t quite trust Telli off-leash yet, and technically she’s not supposed to be off leash anyway, but I really wanted to just let her play in the lake. She was only wearing her 6 foot leash, and she so badly wanted to jump and play through the water, but I was trying not to get myself pulled in…too bad no one had us on video, that would’ve been a Friday funny! 🙂

Needless to say, by the time I got back home I was starving! I hadn’t eaten anything yet, as I didn’t think I was going to go that far… I put Telli on the patio and made myself a delicious breakfast of Fage yogurt, raspberries, bananas and walnuts! It was so deliciously refreshing!

2013-08-22 09.38.16


I was really hoping the sun was going to peak out-so I could get some pool time in on my day off! No sun ever came out, so I thought, well why not, I’ll just go down and chill in the hot tub. God must’ve really known how much I wanted to go in the pool. As soon as I got the pool the clouds cleared and it was sunny, blue skis for about 1.5 hours!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Sunny pool time for me!

Telli was wiped when I got back, she didn’t move for a long time…..she’s so cuuute!

2013-08-22 16.11.27



We had dinner plans, and we were so excited! Our friends are moving to Kenya, Africa next week! It’s crazy, we just met them 8 months ago and have been there since they first got the thought, to the many prayers to the packing up and leaving for Africa! They are going over there to help with the Agape International ministry  organization, and they don’t have a time frame of coming back yet…..They are buying a car, house, everything over there! What a great testament of faith it has been to see them go through with this process!

Anyway, we made dinner plans with them to go to an African restaurant! It was a drive for all of us, in a part of town that we’ll just say isn’t the best part of town. After some traffic issues we arrived to a little hole-in-the-wall, authentic African Grill and Bar! We were immediately greeted by Osei (I think that’s how he spelled it). He is originally from Ghana and was explaining to us how the restaurant came about and that they are expanding and building another one about 20 miles away! There were three couples and we had to wait 20 minutes for the final couple to get there…..but don’t worry, we were entertained by Osei! He explained the ENTIRE menu! I was very grateful to see him explain what we were looking at….but he gave stories, told us of what the people in Africa did to make some of the different dishes, etc….WAAAAY in-depth explanation of the menu. It was interesting to hear for sure! By the time the final couple got there, we were only on the second page of the 3 page menu in explanation. We tried some appetizers of Keleweleh (not sure on spelling) It was fried plantains with peanuts! Very delicious and would get again. We also ordered some Chicken and Goat Kabobs and our dinners. I got to try ginger beer! I heard so much about it and it was just as delicious as what people have told me! It was very sweet, gingery and delicious!

2013-08-22 18.40.57


My dinner, I don’t remember what it was, but in english it was “flat pancakes and beef stew.”

2013-08-22 19.47.12


The “flat pancakes” were delicious! I ate them right up. They kind of had the texture of a crepe, the taste of a sweet tortilla chip and were perfect to dip in the beef stew. The stew was ok….nothing to crazy or flavorful. One of the guys ordered Fufu (Smashed plantain with soup and chicken), it looked so good! I want to go back just to try that…I’m sorry, I didn’t get a picture…but I promise we’ll go back to try it!

Well I think that sums it up, enjoy your Friday and weekend!!!!

❤ God Bless




That was a beast of a run

Good morning! Happy Monday morning and I hope yours is off to a great start! Sometimes it’s so easy to complain about a Monday morning…I mean you have to wake up to go to work and not relax, have fun and continue in the weekend fun. I saw this on Pinterest and I love it! It’s a great reminder to not complain but to thank God for waking you up to enjoy another day in his beauty and glorifying him in all that you do!

Keep calm


Just have an extra cup of coffee if you need a little more motivation!


My workout…my walk/run

So it was Week 3  Day 1 of my 5k running training. I had been feeling pretty good on all of my other trainings so far, but man the one I did yesterday was brutal! I kept putting my run off (blaming it first on wanting to sleep in on the weekend, then the higher temperature in the middle of the day–and finally at just after 7 I got my workout clothes on, my shoes laced up and I was ready to go! There is always a 5 minute walking warm-up and I kinda thought it could be a rough run based on how tired I felt, but I was hoping I just needed to stretch my muscles out a little bit…nope! I started the run and just tried to focus on my pace and my breathing and listening to my rocking playlist! I was able to zone in, which helped but this week was definitely a step-up in intensity compared to the last couple runs. The program had longer running intervals and it was overall 10 minutes longer. I know I need to increase time, mileage, and intensity to get better, but I thought it might come a little easier. I averaged my best minutes/mile so far…so I must be getting better!



2013-08-12 06.48.16


Food Lately

Nate and I went to a tavern (italian/Irish pub) on Saturday night. We really just wanted to try their beer that we heard so much about! Check out this Guinness beer list! I love Guinness mixed with other beers so this beer list just looked awesome to me!

2013-08-10 19.24.17


I was going back and forth between the Chocolate Covered Cherries, the Guinness Latte, Guinness Shandy or the Trojan Horse. I asked our waitress and she said her favorite by far was the Chocolate Covered Cherry… that’s what I went with! It was okay….I will probably try something different next time I go.

2013-08-10 19.23.43


We had a modge-podge of a dinner that included a mushroom, Italian meat (similar to prosciutto) brick-oven cooked flat-bread pizza. I really wanted veggies so we ordered a side of steamed seasonal veggies and my favorite-sweet potato fries! 🙂

2013-08-10 19.41.09 2013-08-10 19.40.45


Since we had leftover pizza, we of course had Pizza Eggs the following morning!!!

Our Sunday–I’ll make it brief, because I know this post is getting long……

We took Telli to the dog park….and they had the coolest cattails in the fields!

2013-08-11 14.58.31


We took Telli to get a bath because she hadn’t had one in awhile, and was kinda stinky! 😉 It’s always an adventure giving her a bath–because she hates it! We both got nice and wet and she gets lots of treats… 😉

2013-08-11 16.06.36


We got home, made pizza eggs, watched some tv and then I got ready for my brutal run! 😉 When I got back I new something was going on with Nate–his face looked sad. He proceeded to tell me he lost his wedding ring and thinks it’s where we took Telli to get a bath-since he took it off his hand to wash her. They were already closed so we couldn’t go there, however he remembered handing me the car keys in the parking lot and thinks it could’ve fallen out at that point…so we drove to the parking lot, prayed that God would make it so pink and sparkly neither of us could miss it. Well at the same time, we spotted it! Sitting in the middle of the parking lot!

2013-08-11 20.11.04


Crazy! But so glad we found it!

I’ll end this post with that…..because it’s Monday, and God woke me up to enjoy his beauty and to glorify him in all I do today! I hope you have a great day!

What do you do to get through tough runs? Have you ever lost anything and had to re-trace your steps to find it?

❤ God Bless

Farm Market fresh dinner

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous start to the week, and not a typical, dreadful Monday. I know for me it was great! If you remember, I had a three day weekend, so it was still the weekend for me! I had a lot I wanted to accomplish today, so I got my butt up bright and early to begin my fun filled day. I started my day better than ever enjoying my morning cup o’ joe and reading God’s word. That is the best way to wake up if you ask me and get your day going on a positive note. I’m going to try and be so much better at making it a habit every morning.

So the delicious recipe to share with you today is: Pappardelle’s Jalapeño Green Pasta Recipe…..but you’ll have to be patient and look for it below!


I made some yummy breakfast. Leftover vegetable pizza, mixed with spinach and two runny eggs cooked on top of it! I typically scramble this little concoction, however this morning I was really wanting to eat runny eggs, and with the crust of the pizza, there was plenty of bread and other deliciousness to soak it up with!

2013-08-05 10.06.20

I then ran to the grocery store because I was making dinner for a dear friend of mine. She just had a baby a month ago so I made her and her husband another farmer’s market fresh meal. Wild Rice Casserole with the freshest vegetables around…..recipe will be on another post! But here’s a sneak peak at the ingredients….

2013-08-05 08.42.02

After the grocery shopping, I put the casserole in the oven so I could take Telli for a walk and get in some pool time as well before delivering dinner! Look at the beautiful flowers that were in bloom near our apartment!

2013-08-05 09.36.28 2013-08-05 09.36.34

When I went to the pool, I was all by myself so after a little R&R with my People magazine, I got in the water for a nice swim…which turned into a water workout! I did quite a few laps back and forth of various strokes and followed it by some on the wall leg and ab work. I forgot how much I am a little water bug and enjoy exercising in the water! I was definitely tired at the end, but it was a refreshing tired!

2013-08-05 11.15.26

Before heading up to my friends house, I stopped by Jamba Juice to get me a fresh fruit smoothie! It was so refreshing and good!

2013-08-05 13.44.51

And now for the farmers market fresh recipe!

Pappardelle’s Jalapeño Green Pasta Recipe:

At the farmers market we had purchased delicious looking pasta (Jalapeño Green Fettucini). The lady told us the best part of their pastas is the fact that all you have to do is add fresh summer vegetables to the pasta to make a delicious summer pasta because the noodles already have enough flavor! Boy was she right! She told us to check out their website for ideas and recipes (since I’m not much of a creator in the kitchen) and we made the best recipe!! You can see it directly here off their website, or follow our version below….

Ingredients we used:
  • 1 lb. Pappardelle’s Green Jalapeño Fettuccine
  • 4 ears of corn, kernels shaved off (about 1-1/2 cups) – we only used 3 of the best corn in Colorado- Olathe Sweet Corn
  • 2 tablespoons butter – we used coconut oil instead
  • 1 medium onion, sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4 medium zucchini, diced – I had one big one… that’s what we used…..
  • 3 Roasted red peppers
  • 1/2 cup chicken or veggie broth
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese- we didn’t add any cheese


  1. I began by cutting up all my vegetables……I cut the corn off the ears (This was my first time and more challenging than I thought it would be!)

2013-08-04 18.32.41

2. I then cut up the Zucchini (I accidentally sliced it instead of dicing it, so eventually we cut it up more when it was mixed with the other vegetables

2013-08-04 18.40.59

3. I cut up the Roasted red peppers and onions

2013-08-04 18.41.05 2013-08-04 18.41.11

4. Once all of your vegetables are cut up and ready to go, cook the pasta in a pot of rapidly boiling salted water until it is al-dente (should be about 8-10 minutes.  When the pasta is al-dente drain it and and transfer it to a heated pasta bowl. (I didn’t know what a heated pasta bowl was, so I put it in a glass container in the sink with a lid and surrounded it in hot water. It worked great, but I would recommend putting a little bit of olive oil in it so the noodles don’t stick together)

2013-08-04 18.42.30

5. After putting the pasta in to cook,  heat the coconut oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion and garlic; sauté until soft, about 2 minutes. Add zucchini; sauté until soft, about 2 minutes.

2013-08-04 18.53.05

Nate was skillet master…….look at him go! I love when I get to cook with my hubby, we have so much fun in the kitchen together….we may or may not have done a little lady in the tramp action with the extra long noodles!….we just wanted to make sure they were al dente!

2013-08-04 18.47.29

6. Add corn and roasted red peppers, sauté until corn is cooked, about 2-3 minutes. Add broth, salt and pepper. If the mixture needs more liquid, add a few tablespoons of the pasta cooking water.

2013-08-04 18.53.26

How good does this look?

Serve sauce over pasta……..and enjoy!

2013-08-04 19.06.45

Preferably with a glass of wine…….

2013-08-04 19.07.04

With a beautiful sunset to enjoy……

2013-08-04 20.06.30

I hope you enjoy your evening-and have the chance to someday try this pasta! You can order it online…otherwise I at least recommend making the entire vegetable sauce over whatever noodles you prefer!! It is so delicious and fresh—especially with farmer’s market fresh produce!

What’s your favorite summer recipe? What’s your favorite meal to make when you take dinner to someone?

❤ God Bless!

Fresh Market Food

Happy Saturday!

I hope you all had a fabulous, relaxing Saturday full of fun adventures doing whatever your little heart desired! This was personally my favorite Saturday in a long time...because I had the day off with absolutely NO plans! Really? Not only a Saturday off, but also no plans…whoo-hoo!!!! What was I going to do with my day? Sleep in and Farmers market for sure! I made a list yesterday at work for my weekend because I actually have a three day weekend-which makes this day off even better!

2013-08-02 10.34.31

I love my list! Everything that I enjoy doing….notice how I put an exclamation point and square around the RUN! 😉 I’m determined!

On our way to the farmers market this morning we stopped at Caribou for some coffee and oatmeal! I had the nutty maple brown sugar and a large iced coffee. It was very delish and the perfect pick-me-up to start my day!

2013-08-03 09.03.57

The Golden Farmers Market had so much food and goodies!!! They had cheese, wine bread, all the local produce, coffee, milk, honey, hats, bags, food trucks, salsas, jams, butters (the pistachio and cashew butter tasted so good….but it was a little pricey so we didn’t get any this time around) and much, much more. Nate and I made our rounds talking with the locals and what they had to offer to see what we wanted to spend our budgeted amount on. (We always have to set aside a certain amount of cash to go to farmers market, otherwise I get out of hand with my purchases)

We decided on a basket full of items!

**side note, my mom got me my farmers market basket for Christmas and this was the first time I was able to use it…I was more than thrilled-and received so many comments on how cute it was!

2013-08-03 10.23.13-1 2013-08-03 10.21.58

That’s the pretty look of the basket, and below are all the purchases for the morning!

2013-08-03 13.25.56


Sweet Peppers, Zuchinni, Squash, Snap Peas, Asparagus, Carrots, Olathe Sweet Corn, Palisade Peaches, Peach/Honey whip, Eggplant Salsa, Green Jalapeño Fett and Spicy Thai Linguine! What some great finds!

2013-08-03 10.33.36

I sure had fun at the farmers market! It was a beautiful morning to walk around for fresh food.

We had a couple errands to run and when we got home we thought it would be fun to take Telli to the dog park. There are many different dog park options, all of which have their own special features. It’s always hard to go “dog-park shopping” because I feel like some parks have more aggressive dogs than others (not only more aggressive dogs, but also irresponsible dog owners). My co-worker recommended one to us that isn’t too far away and has a lake-well being that I am from Wisconsin, this is definitely not a lake, a mere pond/structure of water. Needless to say, it is a body of water and if there is one thing Telli loves, it’s jumping, bounding and splashing through the water!

2013-08-03 15.04.32

She sure had fun! We keep trying to get her to “swim” but she really only likes to go where she can still touch. I think too many dogs have been aggressive with her when she has tried to swim…so she prefers to keep her feet planted on the ground. Hopefully when we take her again it will be less crowded and she can just swim around and fetch like most labs do!

New Playlist

We got home and the storms were starting to roll in…so unfortunately my anticipated pool time didn’t happen. I did however decide it was time to refresh my music on my computer and that motivated me to create a new running playlist! I can’t wait to use it and see how well I put the music together. If you are looking for a new list, I hope you like it too. I will let you know it’s got a little more country flare than anything else…..but that’s only if you consider Eric Church and Zac Brown Band too country! 😉 check it out!

Determined to Run Playlist

Dinner – Leftover Pizza Eggs

I also made a quick left-over dinner favorite of ours!

We had vegetable pizza last night (although you can make it with any leftover pizza). All you have to do is cut it up, cook it in a skillet (I added some spinach to the mix),

2013-08-03 18.11.55

add some eggs and TA-DA  dinner is made!

2013-08-03 18.21.08

So simple. So Satisfying. So delicious.

Well it looks like the rain is I think it’s time to lace up my shoes and hit the pavement!

What is your favorite find at a farmers market? Any workout songs you love that I should add to my list next time?

❤ God Bless

Where did the time go!?!?

Happy Sunday! Whoa-did I just say Sunday? I mean for real?!? And at that it is already Sunday afternoon…..Schnikees! Where did this week go? We had a lot of family in town this past week, and we enjoyed every minute of but it kept us very busy! We made the comment at some point, we’ve had more people over to visit us in the last week, than we did the 3 years we lived in our house! 😉

My cousin Keith, wife Katie and daughter Erin (7 months) stayed with us from Saturday through Tuesday! It was so much fun to have a little baby hanging around the apartment.  She is such a fun and cute baby-with the biggest bluest eyes!!! 🙂 AM I a little baby crazy? I guess that tends to happen occasionally! We spent our time splashing around in our pool, taking morning walks, enjoying dinner, a Cubs/Rockies baseball game and then going to the top of Mount Evans!

2013-07-21 07.11.37

2013-07-21 11.14.38 2013-07-21 11.17.23 2013-07-21 11.22.27

2013-07-21 14.47.47 2013-07-21 15.05.24 2013-07-21 16.40.38


And check out these views from the top of Mount Evans! (We drove up the highest paved road in America to get there!)

2013-07-22 11.39.31 2013-07-22 11.39.28 2013-07-22 11.39.24

Telli enjoyed her time as well on the top of the mountain! Her nose was sniffing out all the new smells! I saw some Mountain Goats by the bathrooms, they were just chillin’ on the rocks, unfortunately I didn’t have my camera on me to catch them…. 😦

2013-07-22 11.39.51


At the top of all the 14,xxx foot mountains in Colorado they have the medal plaques at the top of the summit! I tried to get Telli to pose for it, but she didn’t want the picture.. 😉 She also didn’t want to be in the picture below….

2013-07-22 11.38.18


We loved our time together and I feel so blessed they wanted to come spend a couple days on their trip with us!

Then on Monday, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law came into town for his work! It was perfect, they were able to stay in a hotel right down the street and came over for some pool time, another Rockies game and some good food and beer. Oh and just FYI, I also went to a Rockies game on Wednesday night for work! That is 3 baseball games for this girl in 4 days!!!

2013-07-24 21.20.06 2013-07-23 21.03.48 2013-07-23 21.01.25-1

You have to look at the beer I drank! I was quite hesitant at first, but figured, why not?!?! And it actually tasted it really good!

2013-07-23 17.24.05-2


I was so happy when they wanted to go to Beau Joe’s! It is some of the best pizza in Colorado…..very unhealthy, but very delicious! They offer the honey to dip your extra crust in at the end! There is nothing else that tastes this good!!!






2013-07-25 20.13.19


Needless to say, our apartment is a disaster, cleaning needs to be done, laundry needs to be folded and food needs to be prepped for the week. I am thrilled that we are back to eating normal healthy food (I think my body likes it too!)…but now it’s back to the cleaning on Sunday…..


2013-07-27 19.25.11 2013-07-27 08.14.13


Oh, and I forgot to mention one little thing…..did you ever know that the ABC’s song and Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star are to the same tune? Our pastor mentioned it to us this morning in church (of course non-shallantly during the sermon) but it made me take my mind off the message so that I could sing both in my head! What do ya know!!! It’s crazy! Are there any other songs like that I should know about?

Have a great week!

❤ God Bless


all about Telli….

Good Monday morning!!!!! I hope you all had a fabulous summer weekend! Nate was working at an event in Winter Park this weekend, so it was just the girls in the house for the weekend, and we had fun!

First, breakfast lately has been eggs and veggies. I love it. It’s so satisfying, filling, and refreshing!

3UjsAUVHNZDOsPKOZ6P-aFPzqaJXH28fjqnOaEhDjCI lXycaUMg-73eqxRZuY921VPopUWPFW7gkuKygv1uJhQ ED2CIW75maSlwJgB8FwLHGEdvbdYhdlcECHkrHZPmM8 RuT-dOtIGMvOvboxSAharGU-xDV3wWzrlrbBN-dY5o8


Our girls weekend was filled with walks and snuggles…..








Fun at The dog park….

fkoYyhWYy8FLiRcbGPJvY6WRa3VwKfnqa9hpYkrOlRc rT_09iIh-j2KCQx563SX7QaqcDFDVD3nDRSiwoQ6IXc mVpxfYEKEKZ2lypamMwyKSmrPYph-qlvWLl3z5AnkAQ


Watching an episode of National  North America. Telli loved when the bears came on the TV..

MV2XBis0CEynjob_tUP4LH8MdekVeT8Wyq1nBqqU5HA _eZCbuboTmpW7OtnuE5zSXSLOFjGdQRKfnm-mh7a2hw


And then she got the container of Fage yogurt when I had finished….and boy did she enjoy it…

Vbs3Zk5FsgU7hUcj9bKjy3PMVHcfgj3e_iGJV3DVlpQ Qcl1-wqZTllrl7g-M77sWhYPRNuv0cP8AiL2qDoJZkI

down to every last drop…..

HkomTFpb94TvK1E0aPd_AH-Xm8cuqZjXne3xHw2WCqY VD_TSk5sYE57Y8QpGzJuzYgambDcoyjLuqDQrR8avDU 540snt-Uq4widcZ5A_8JPWzAMcCRECpLlAN5t2FkWB0

Just like Pooh-bear in the honey jar!

We had a very fun time together this weekend and we both were excited when Nate came home yesterday afternoon!

Have a great week!

❤ God Bless


Moving. Apartments. Travel. Wedding

Good morning! I hope the day is being well to you…and if it’s not, I found this on Pinterest and love the positive attitude behind it…..


I have in fact been staying busy with work, packing, summertime activities that are always around (showers, birthdays, bbq’s, etc..) However in the midst of everything the selling of our house has continued and we continue to pray and cross our fingers that everything still goes according to plan. Here is how our life has been…

1.) We put a deposit on an apartment! We wanted to make sure we have something locked into place for when our house sells (I’m staying positive) so we don’t end up homeless! 😉 I am so excited to move in…it has a pool, a view, lots of green space for Telli to run in, shops and restaurants nearby and best of all….a 5 minute commute to work!!! BOOM! The only downfall that it might have is the actual space inside the apartment. We saw pictures, but it wasn’t available to actually see; and it has a different layout with angled walls, so that could be interesting, but hey…it’s only temporary living for 10 months so I think we can make it work! 🙂


2.) We traveled down to Amarillo, Texas for the weekend to attend a beautiful wedding! I only worked a half day on Thursday, so it was great to leave early in the day light! Telli loves road trips-and I think she knows if she will be in the car for a while because her bed is in the back of the Subaru surrounded by luggage! But she loves to look out at the sights as we drive!



We unfortunately saw too may fires as we traveled south on I-25. There was one 20 miles south of our house, a couple near Colorado Springs and a few even further south of Pueblo. Ive seen smoke travel from fires before, but the one that was just south of Colorado Springs, we could see flames. It was pretty crazy how big they were and how many there were. We will be continuing to pray for rain and that no more structures get burned!

yXrNUGCVKnbNuyk688EVwp9ZhE1F8x6di2rj59ajy2sYpORRkGmdxd6a2TljR-dC0IWfBK6Muzpqnw_hJzl5Do 0lg2qaqCcNC9yQftEgQE9yisH8ad9sRiGB1FJ2g6_fk bFvLRIfVblo3YxVTCH_VhyO44whSxb1uAAvGNhEAA88


We arrived to Nate’s parents, late on Thursday night and enjoyed sleeping in a little on Friday morning. (Although I did wake up at 5:30 with Telli to take her to the bathroom and feed her. I was pretty out of it and was happy to go back to bed!)

Nate always loves going back home, not only to see family, but for the food! Between BBQ and Mexican food, it was pretty much our diet for the three days. We went to a new restaurant in Amarillo called Tylers BBQ.


It was delicious! I enjoyed a shredded beef sandwich with a secret recipe potato salad. I asked the owner Tyler, for the recommendation “potato salad or coleslaw?” He told me to definitely try the potato salad because it is his own recipe. It had good flavor, but to be honest it was too smooth for my liking. I enjoy the chunky potato salad! 🙂



That evening we got together for a rehearsal dinner. It was delicious food! I got to meet a lot of Nate’s extended family from Arkansas that I still hadn’t met yet. What sweet southern people they are! We took some family pictures and I thought these just turned out so good!

The three generations of Clements boys!



The Clements family!



Saturday was jam packed with wedding! We met early to help decorate everything, and it turned out beautiful! Nate was in charge of the music, and myself and Ashlan (my sister-in-law) were in charge of serving cake and punch! It was a beautiful service and wedding in the beautiful Amarillo Botanical Gardens.



382472_10200217383056645_350372830_n  1003677_10200217385096696_165738960_n



We decorated the truck for them to leave in….isn’t it cute?

I-fhlQEG8_vHKAntrAdK36I3lED0LwTqyXRBig9ofoI frF3AUa1uEXNl4bdasKiSS2DDHPKe-wFBtrp8dijAKQ

I saw the ring bearer and flower girl running through the gardens, aren’t they adorable?


Nate and I ready for the wedding to begin!


Outdoor decor on the pergola




The ceremony


Table decorations

Sl9VngDPEXQsCC_uWfb-HKFD1KhhjDjiNIhphEVovU8 JwkiFtjsx1CNhtB6Vuyh8Fq8KN6NwQ-StvM-lKGG4D4

The cakes!!!

After a wonderful and fun day, we enjoyed sometime in the hot tub! We had fun watching the dogs “want to jump in to join.”

We made the trip home yesterday and when we arrived in Denver we were greeted with some much needed rain and thunderstorms! As we climbed the mountain, we approached this cool looking storm cloud! 🙂



I hope you enjoy your Monday and rest of the week!

God Bless ❤



Oh where, oh where has this little blog been…..

Good morning to you all! It sure is a beautiful morning….until the heat comes out AGAIN today! It think it’s supposed to get near 100! Ooofta! Anyway, I’m sorry it has been a while,  it has been a whirlwind around our house lately and I have just been too busy and when I’m not busy too tired to write anything.


I love where I live……but not for long…..fingers crossed.

Here’s the culprit:

We are under contract with our house!!! It came about rather quickly. If you’re not aware there is a make me move option on zillow that allows people to see that you have an interest in selling your house. I wasn’t completely sold on going through everything that needed to be done to sell the house yet and therefore had no intentions/preparedness to sell. A couple in our small group recently sold their house and it was under contract within a couple hours of the listing!!! The Denver market is crazy right now! At just about the same time we received an email that someone was VERY interested in our house. She looked at it, loved it and now were just waiting for the inspection and appraisal! We appreciate any prayers.

Needless to say, our life has been a mix of de-cluttering


organizing, painting trim, adding closet doors,


multiple trips to good will, multiple trips to our new storage shed,

zqs-AyhdZzLRhsBg-Mnj5HktV3-htIeAu3lIOQE94a4 FRajnpgG8TdbxZ6axaAj_zzd3Kcksj-asgiflQ3esBk PtJn13UMsRb-w5pgzYhAZzZ0opogOIXo7yvXqFPDsdU cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and still trying to keep Telli entertained through all of this with trips to the dog park!

cquFI1wDKcdVeGMVF1iQbcF0b-dxIWhDVOXF_V5A6FE,YWn6KTydb27OBomuwLf66re5uaSzpUvw8M_HxVxpIq0 mAWAy30vLrD-hHbDWT4JirgMGOe6viRFcKu99xVoPA0


She’s so silly…..but she LOVES the dog park—and the creek that runs through it!


So besides that my life has been pretty boring…..I will be honest, a true workout has not existed in a couple weeks. When I have tried to take Telli for a brief walk, we tend to meet up with the neighbor dogs,and then they just play until they are worn out. So much for some exercise for me!


Breakfast I’ve been making oatmeal and and dinner has typically been pasta, cereal, eggs or a salad-whatever is quick, easy–even some sushi rolls from the grocery store (yes I was hesitant at first, but boy they are delish!)


Oh and I can’t forget, it was my birthday yesterday and in the midst of all that’s going on, Nate woke up early to make me breakfast before an early morning work meeting, and he took me to Menchies for some frozen yogurt! What an amazing man I have! I got the dole whip (mmmmmm….my favorite!) with almonds and lots of nerds! 🙂 Such a kid I can be sometimes!


I hope I don’t leave you all for that long of a period again, but if I do, I hope you understand! I miss you and I miss my blog! 🙂

Have you ever sold a house before? Stressful or a breeze?

God Bless ❤





Vail Cascade stay-cation weekend!

Good evening! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I am just relaxing after a fabulous weekend in the mountains! Nate and I had got a living social deal a couple months ago for a 1 night stay in Vail. We didn’t recognize the name of the resort and we figured it would be perfect timing just before it gets too busy at the mountain resorts during the summer.

First I must say, having two days off in row with my husband was awesome! We took our time Saturday morning with breakfast, coffee and packing. We left our house and took off for a 1 1/2 hour drive to Vail. Telli did so good in the back seat and slept for most of the way. We always wonder after we drive for 10 minutes, does she think she is going for a long road trip (aka to Wisconsin) or somewhere closer that’s going to be really, really fun! Here is Telli looking cute as ever!


We got to Vail Cascade and O-M-G….it was beautiful! It fits right in the Vail Valley with a luxurious, but mountainous feel as well. We weren’t sure if they would have our room ready at noon, but they did! Heck yeah! We walked to, it opened the door and fell in love at first sight. The room was cool, but the view–Ah-mazing! We were on the ground level which had a terrace, walking path and Gore Creek right outside our room! The snow is currently melting, so the water was rushing and you could hear the roar from our room. How cool is that!

OHbGcRxNOMcCdi_I6uK1YTtiWgj__9SnNh8FIue50qw,6Up_LLFQmqYHWoKFsBwFQ3VB7tmAv92OOa0suxQfGZM            tkqS4pLehGR_zL-XwT3CxZ163NYPXMndIA24bHnc2nY      DSC00206

We knew the weather wasn’t going to be the best for the weekend, so while it was sunny with blue skies, we took a walk on the path right outside our room and along the creek. It was beautiful! I couldn’t help myself but do a little walking on the rocks and then of course, “hunny, take a picture of me!” 🙂


We enjoyed the fresh mountain air, and taking in the beautiful views!

DSC00207    DSC00201

Our walk didn’t last very long because as soon as we saw the pool, we knew we had to go. Once again, in the back of our minds thinking it may not be very long before it starts to rain and storm. The mountains are notorious for their afternoon showers and thunderstorms! The pool and hot tub area was beautiful!


It was large enough to hold quite a few families with kids as well as a lot of couples like us! The water was saline water which I love because you don’t feel like the chlorine is eating away at your skin. Oh, and the best part–it was like bath water temperature! Perfect considering it was only about 60 degrees out!


I was my waterbug little self! Swimming, swimming, swimming and relaxing on the infiniti side! We even stayed in through the rain and the one rumble of thunder! All the families went in when it started raining, and we stayed out! We were nice and pruney, but I love pools and it was warm so Nate was a trooper with me!



It was getting late in the afternoon and our stomachs were pretty grumbly so we headed in to get ready for drinks and dinner. It was American Craft Beer week, so Nate was more than thrilled to try all the beers the hotel bar, Fireside Bar, offers. I still wasn’t thrilled about drinking more beer after my brewery tour earlier this week, so I was perfectly fine with my cocktail of choice- Blueberry vodka, Sprite and Grenadine! When Nate ordered a flight of beer, we got 50% appetizers!


We ordered the white bean lentil hummus…..this is much more than the standard hummus I was expecting.



The hummus was in a jar and the pita chips were very light and airy. It also came with sun-dried tomatoes, pickles, sweet peppers, olives and dates! Now that is what I call a hummus platter!

After some chilling by the fireplace with drinks we worked our way to the restaurant, Atwater on Gore Creek. If you ever need a delicious place to eat in Vail, I highly recommend Atwater on Gore Creek! It was mucho, mucho delicious! I started with my standard glass of Malbec. It was a great tasting wine!



I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted for dinner, they had too many good-looking things on their menu! A couple options I was considering; the butternut squash soup and a salad, Skuna Bay Salmon, Steak kabob or the Hand Torn Pasta….I went for the Hand Torn Pasta! It had crimini mushrooms, carrots, kale, butternut squash, kaffir lime and mushroom broth. It was the perfect dish to satisfy my desire for a healthy, savory, and warm option (since it was cold out!) I devoured every last bite!



Typically when the waitress asks if we want dessert, we decline. But they had a flour-less three chocolate mousse cake that we couldn’t turn down…and I don’t think you could either!



After a little relaxing and letting the food settle we wanted to go back into the hot tub! Well we didn’t end up in the hot tub because it was too hot, but we did end up back in the pool! It was still just like the bath water earlier, so it was perfect to relax and swim around a little bit! I think we stayed in with a few other people for a couple hours! It was so calm and peaceful, the stars were out and there were propane fires all over the pool deck. I could’ve stayed out there all night long!

This morning we woke up to lots of rain…so much for enjoying our little patio with a cup of coffee. We did keep the patio doors open and just listened to the rain and roaring river from inside with a warm cup of coffee! Personally I think just as good as being out there.


We checked out of our room and headed over to the club and spa to get a good workout in. I’ll be honest, since I don’t typically use a gym anymore, I was a little overwhelmed! I just get too excited to use so much of the equipment that I don’t put anything together. I started on the Arc trainer for 20 minutes, then did some weight training, abs and ended on the stair climber! It was a great way to get a good sweat in before heading home! And we were super excited to use the spa facilities with hot tub and steam room!

It was a fabulous weekend! I would recommend this hotel and spa to anybody (I will caution you, be ready to drop some cheddar if you didn’t go the cheap way with a living social coupon!) Golly I love living social deals! We get the opportunity to live and dine in luxury without spending the money like we are!

What is the best place you ever vacationed or stay-cationed?

<God Bless





Brewery Tour!

Ah….It’s Friday night, I have a two day weekend ahead of me, a glass of wine, and a delicious dinner! Perfect way to relax….




This was pasta with brussel sprouts and coconut milk! Good, healthy, refreshing! 🙂

Now to recap the highlight of my week.

Brewery Tour!

As I said in a previous post, The Woodhouse Spa, I love the company I work for! They are wonderful and take very good care of their employees. I may not always love my job, but I LOVE the company I work for! Our group manager set up a limo tour to 4 breweries in Fort Collins-all instead of a day at the office! Let me start of by saying I was a little nervous….I don’t drink very often, and I don’t drink beer very often, and I don’t drink all day very often…or like haven’t in 10 years! And I was around a lot of my upper management, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t “taste” too many beers! I did good!


The limo picked us up from work at 10 am and as soon as I climbed in I was handed my first Coors Light. It was surprisingly very tasty at 10 am (I think it was because I was so excited to not be at the office). An hour drive north we arrived to the first brewery. New Belgium Brewery.


I had heard so many great things about this brewery and I love their beer. Unfortunately we were not able to tour this brewery because it has a 2 month wait list! But we did get to taste a couple! I started with the Rolle Bolle. It was ok. Good thing I only had a taster, it was much more bitter than I was expecting. My second taster was delicious! It was the Plout ale. The Plout Ale has hints of apricots and plums and was on the sweeter side. It tasted similar to a cider beer and was very delicious!


We jumped back into the limo and headed to the Fort Collins Brewery for more beer and lunch! It was the perfect, beautiful day to sit out on the porch! We started with some amazing, very bad for me appetizers! Bacon wrapped pretzels! Sounds delicious right? Oh yeah, they were!



I loved this brewery because I was able to taste 8 different beers! I have no clue which ones are which or which ones tasted good. 😉 I did enjoy having many different varieties to choose from…I think I tend to get bored with the same beer in an entire bottle.

AL6jRwx5hIE7W0X6GRaUHIcenIzNQCYRfPeRmF--820-1               BA4wxI7tTtSsWyXH3a49etDIsPusqDT4dS4M56ZU3Iw

If you look closely, you can see the beers I checked off to try! And lunch….O-M-G! I knew I wanted to order the Chicken Thai Sandwich, but the hardest decision was what to have as my side dish. Typically if I see sweet potato fries on a menu, I am all over it, HOWEVER, they had mac and cheese. It may have been the beer talking, but I enjoyed my mac and cheese very, very, very much!


After full tummies, we jumped back into the limo for a quick drive to our next brewery…Odell. I love Odell.


They are known for their 90 Schilling, but once again we got multiple flights that we all picked a beer or two from before heading out on the tour. Their facility is currently under, I think they said, their 3rd renovation. It was cool to take a tour of their facility.I just wish they were bottling at the time. I think that’s always my favorite part. I can’t get over how fast bottles of beer get bottled and packaged! 🙂 I don’t really remember what all these pictures were, but I know there were large canisters to hold the beer, the used hops (they take to local farms to use to feed the horses–I think they said something along that line..) and the bottling area.

m5NWLzSmIyOWwVadR3OmmR9thnpRcDGbVehVeNUDII8 qBkdYMPK5-Sqyk0yv1zZ_5Pdn-UU4Ph6dgckL6Cdtzs l5v5vxRvAYwG5vF9CzoKooymVkUDR7CivMLt6xKFrJA

The free beer at the end of the tour was a coffee flavored beer, and I think I was the only one that enjoyed it!


Our last stop was to the Coopersmiths brewery. I think we all had had almost enough beer at this point, so we thought it would fun to play games. We opened a round of pool and a round of the golfing game. I am unfortunately terrible at arcade games and was the first one out, after only 3 holes of golf. I just enjoyed my final brewery beer. I don’t remember what it was called, but I do remember it had a slight taste of banana.


The limo drove us back to work where Nate was waiting for me to drive me home! What a wonderful, amazing husband I have! It was a great day, but I definitely was brought back to why I don’t like to drink a lot anymore…I hate being hungover. I hate how lazy I feel, how bad my head hurts, and how dehydrated I feel regardless of how much I drink. Needless to say, I wasn’t the happiest camper at work yesterday and today!

Have you ever been on a brewery tour? What is your favorite kind of beer?

I hope you all have a great weekend!

❤ Cheers and God bless