Sloppy. Slushy. Muddy. SUNNY!

Good afternoon and Happy Wednesday to everyone!

Nate was up at 4:00 this morning to catch an early flight to Albuquerque for the day!! I’m so glad that was not me…it was waaaaay to early to be awake! We were curious what Telli would do, as recently she has been waking us up early/middle of the night to go to the bathroom…Well she woke up to go to the bathroom with Nate and then went back to bed. I didn’t set an alarm assuming she was going to be my alarm clock! Well, I was wrong! I woke up at 8am!! And when I called her to come in to my room to say good morning, she didn’t even come….she waited for me to come out and snuggle with her on her bed..she’s so goofy!

I was really looking forward to going shopping today. It’s been awhile, but we set aside some money so I could go shopping! I had a $25 gift card to Macy’s and then I’m always a fan of TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Ross. Well there are both just a 25 minute drive from us, so I off I went! I decided to take the scenic route instead of the interstate because it was beautiful today! Am I glad that I did! I got to see a small herd of deer, and a small herd of elk! There were a couple on the side of the road, and then this little guy that was trying to cross and when he saw the cars, he did the typical “deer in the headlights look” before moving to the side. (I couldn’t get my camera out in time to get the look!)


I just love that the road runs along the creek and through the bluffs and cliffs-it was beautiful!


I got to Macy’s and without knowing– they were having a HUGE SALE! And on top of the sale a worker gave me a friends and family discount that was an extra 25% off everything! Whoo-hoo!!! So much for only spending $25!…..but this also meant I was doing a lot of math! You should’ve seen me back in the dressing room, looking at price tags taking the sale discount (most 40% off) + the extra 25% off. I had saved two items that I wanted to check the price on and see my total before adding them into the pile, I chose one of them! Look at the cute clothes I got–for $75!!!!!


The only thing I got from TJ Maxx were the cute Ralph Lauren flip-flops for $10!

Upon arriving home, I wanted to take Telli to the dog park, but I was starving! I threw together a quick warm pasta with avocado, tomato, onion and pine nuts and some guacamole on the side to dip some pretzels in! It was a delicious lunch! (One of my friends on Facebook mentioned she was craving guacamole–so it made me crave it as well!)


Telli did great at the dog park-but then again there were no dogs…she kept looking at me like, “mom, who am I supposed to play with.”

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So I took her for a quick 1 mile hike that is on an off-leash trail! She stayed within 30 feet from me and was wonderful! Except she was a muddy, muddy mess! The trails were pretty wet from all the recent snow, but I know she still had a ton of fun! And I enjoyed being outside and getting a little muddy myself!

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Well, it’s time to get ready for my small group bible study! I can’t wait to partake in a what I know will be a fabulous discussion! I hope you all have a great evening…

When you go shopping do you have a specific budget you have to stick to? or are reasonable? or shop till you drop?

Until next time…..

❤ God Bless