Where did the time go!?!?

Happy Sunday! Whoa-did I just say Sunday? I mean for real?!? And at that it is already Sunday afternoon…..Schnikees! Where did this week go? We had a lot of family in town this past week, and we enjoyed every minute of but it kept us very busy! We made the comment at some point, we’ve had more people over to visit us in the last week, than we did the 3 years we lived in our house! 😉

My cousin Keith, wife Katie and daughter Erin (7 months) stayed with us from Saturday through Tuesday! It was so much fun to have a little baby hanging around the apartment.  She is such a fun and cute baby-with the biggest bluest eyes!!! 🙂 AM I a little baby crazy? I guess that tends to happen occasionally! We spent our time splashing around in our pool, taking morning walks, enjoying dinner, a Cubs/Rockies baseball game and then going to the top of Mount Evans!

2013-07-21 07.11.37

2013-07-21 11.14.38 2013-07-21 11.17.23 2013-07-21 11.22.27

2013-07-21 14.47.47 2013-07-21 15.05.24 2013-07-21 16.40.38


And check out these views from the top of Mount Evans! (We drove up the highest paved road in America to get there!)

2013-07-22 11.39.31 2013-07-22 11.39.28 2013-07-22 11.39.24

Telli enjoyed her time as well on the top of the mountain! Her nose was sniffing out all the new smells! I saw some Mountain Goats by the bathrooms, they were just chillin’ on the rocks, unfortunately I didn’t have my camera on me to catch them…. 😦

2013-07-22 11.39.51


At the top of all the 14,xxx foot mountains in Colorado they have the medal plaques at the top of the summit! I tried to get Telli to pose for it, but she didn’t want the picture.. 😉 She also didn’t want to be in the picture below….

2013-07-22 11.38.18


We loved our time together and I feel so blessed they wanted to come spend a couple days on their trip with us!

Then on Monday, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law came into town for his work! It was perfect, they were able to stay in a hotel right down the street and came over for some pool time, another Rockies game and some good food and beer. Oh and just FYI, I also went to a Rockies game on Wednesday night for work! That is 3 baseball games for this girl in 4 days!!!

2013-07-24 21.20.06 2013-07-23 21.03.48 2013-07-23 21.01.25-1

You have to look at the beer I drank! I was quite hesitant at first, but figured, why not?!?! And it actually tasted it really good!

2013-07-23 17.24.05-2


I was so happy when they wanted to go to Beau Joe’s! It is some of the best pizza in Colorado…..very unhealthy, but very delicious! They offer the honey to dip your extra crust in at the end! There is nothing else that tastes this good!!!






2013-07-25 20.13.19


Needless to say, our apartment is a disaster, cleaning needs to be done, laundry needs to be folded and food needs to be prepped for the week. I am thrilled that we are back to eating normal healthy food (I think my body likes it too!)…but now it’s back to the cleaning on Sunday…..


2013-07-27 19.25.11 2013-07-27 08.14.13


Oh, and I forgot to mention one little thing…..did you ever know that the ABC’s song and Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star are to the same tune? Our pastor mentioned it to us this morning in church (of course non-shallantly during the sermon) but it made me take my mind off the message so that I could sing both in my head! What do ya know!!! It’s crazy! Are there any other songs like that I should know about?

Have a great week!

❤ God Bless



Debt free and moved in!

Happy Saturday to you all! I hope you had a fabulous week and have an exciting weekend planned ahead of you! My cousin and his family are coming into town (with their little 9 month old Erin) and I couldn’t be more excited! I will recap the weekend a little later! This week has been full of busy fun and good news! We officially closed on the house we sold on Wednesday and everything went through pretty smoothly! Good news–the house is SOLD! We are DEBT FREE! We are excited to see what God has in store for us as we embark on the next phase of our life! We actually celebrated last night with a nice dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill! mmmm…..it was delicious! I enjoyed a wonderful salad followed by Grilled Asparagus, a baked sweet potato and Bison Steak! It was so good, but it was huuuuge!! I have more than half of it left for lunch today!

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I enjoyed my wonderful dinner with a fresh glass of Pinot Grigio! It was the perfect way to celebrate Nate and I being debt free!

And I guess I will go backwards on my week, but yesterday I hosted a BBQ for one of my accounts and their members! It was fun but HOT and I smelled like a BBQ grill by the end of it! The great part, I got to finally enjoy Flip-Flop Friday! It was wonderful…. We had a giant grill, offered Brats, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers! I definitely learned how to grill! Typically Nate does all the grilling, so this was kind of a first for me! I had a blast.

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The police department also was a sponsor at the event, so they brought their street racing car that they use at one of the local racing venues. THe allow kids aged 18-25 to go there for free on Thursdays and race their vehicles in a safe environment. How cool is that!?!?!


And even more backwards in my week, the day we closed on the house, I drove home a convertible! It was the perfect day for it and I really enjoyed the fresh mountain air….and so did Telli!



Love her!

And the elk came even closer than last time to say good-bye! It was a little crazy being this close to them in a convertible! 😉

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At first I thought it was a horse, the way it was bent over eating the grass!

Well, I think that’s the recap for now! I need to be speedy in getting ready for work this morning! Have a fantastic weekend all!

❤ God Bless



Here we are!

Well we are officially moved in! Although I can’t say completely moved in. We still have a lot of boxes (stuff to be organized #1, stuff to be organized # 2, etc…) It’s crazy, I knew we had a lot of stuff, and I knew we got rid of a lot of stuff, and we put a lot of stuff in storage….BUT we still have A LOT of stuff!!! I do feel like we have done a good job of organizing most of it, but it’s the random things that an apartment just doesn’t have the nooks and crannies to store items in that a house does. So anyway, that has been the bulk of our lives the last couple of days. I do think we both are finally feeling a sense of relief of being “moved in.” We are still anxious until we are able to officially close on our house Wednesday morning. So all prayers are still being asked for until the house closes!

I will try to do a as brief as I can synopsis with pictures over the last couple of days!

2013-07-11 09.25.56

We had a beautiful, HOT day to move in. I came down early to pick up the keys and unload my car while Nate helped to load the big truck! Since we hadn’t seen our apartment beforehand we weren’t quite sure how much actual space was in the apartment. We just knew the closet space was limited.

2013-07-11 09.49.44

And well, the closet space was very limited…Well all my hanging clothes fit in the closet, but that was none of Nate’s hanging clothes or our jackets. Needless to say, we knew right away we were going to need to be very creative in the “storage” aspect of our apartment.

2013-07-11 16.14.10 2013-07-11 15.37.54

The boxes and stuff quickly unloaded, faster than what I could unpack! It got a tad-bit overwhelming because I thought things weren’t going to fit…but they do!  I love all the windows, there is so much natural light in our apartment. After some unpacking we took Telli for a walk and made our way to the hot tub to soak the back and feet! It was wonderful! And this little creature was hanging out with us!

2013-07-11 19.06.16

I know it’s just a bunny. But I was so excited! IT”S SOOOOOO FLUFFY!!!!!! (despicable me reference anyone?) Anyway, I loved seeing my deer, elk and bear, but there’s something funny about the antics of a little bunny….and we have quickly learned in our couple days that Telli sure likes seeing and trying to chase the bunnies too!

2013-07-12 10.22.35

Telli is doing very good! We are trying to get her on a schedule of going outside, but that is the most difficult part right now. The good thing is we are getting LOTS of exercise by walking her many times a day! I think she loves all the attention! 🙂

2013-07-15 12.46.09      2013-07-15 12.45.59

As far as meals go, it’s finally nice to have a bigger refrigerator and have fresh ingredients around! We are making meals again, which is good after a week of eating pizza, cereal, out, etc…Her is a little collage of dinner and breakfast pictures….

2013-07-15 20.20.32

Tonight Nate made a delish green curry dish! Nate thought the curry was missing the flavor, but I thought it tasted fabulous!

2013-07-14 12.55.06

We ate some Qdoba yesterday! I enjoyed the naked chicken fajita burrito with guacamole! mmmmm…mmmmm… good!

2013-07-14 07.18.59

For breakfast recently has been eggs with avocado and a dollop of Fage yogurt along with a half of an english muffin! Such a good protein filled breakfast before a long day of work!

2013-07-14 17.53.45

Although this is what it looks like, it was for dinner….Cereal with a PILE of blueberries! Blueberries were on sale at our grocery store for $1.48/pint!!!! Are you kidding me!! I bought 3 pints! Whoo-hoo!

2013-07-14 20.15.33

My favorite find at our local grocery, Coconut gelato! Heck yeah!

2013-07-14 15.52.12

2013-07-15 08.39.02

Telli has been enjoying her new digs! She loves the patio life, the carpet all over the place and peeking out to see all the people and dogs walk by! She is such a little social-lite!

2013-07-14 14.13.46

On Sunday we took a one-hour break down to the pool! This might be my favorite part of apartment living again-having access to a pool! I hope I don’t speak to fast, but it seems like our neighborhood is a lot of young business professionals which is nice down by the pool too! Everyone was minding their own place and there weren’t too many people there, on a Sunday afternoon! Whoo-hoo! New favorite hang out!

2013-07-13 20.32.21  2013-07-13 20.32.06

The sunsets here are beautiful! We have a patio that faces west towards the mountains, and have caught a couple of amazing sunsets!

Well on that note, I think it’s time for bed! I sure am enjoying this beautiful night. Can’t beat a glass of wine, Dave Barnes Pandora and sitting on the patio typing a blog post for all of you to enjoy! I am certainly blessed!

❤ God Bless

Have you ever experienced the “down-size” kind of move and had to get creative with your storage? Any tips? What quick recipes have you thrown together at night?

A friendly farewell….

Good morning!

Well our house officially looks like were moving! Boxes everywhere, cabinets empty and feeling a little overwhelmed!  We have the moving truck coming tomorrow and I can’t wait to get the process over…moving is a lot of work! 😉 I’m not sure if I ever explained, but we are going to be apartment living for 10 months while we look for a house. Nate and I joke that we will just live in an apartment for the rest of our lives so we don’t have to move again… 😉

I think all the animals know we are leaving…..we have had quite the sitings in the last couple of days! First, on Sunday night we heard a loud BANG! We thought someone set off fireworks or shot a gun! It scared the living daylights out of us! Well we quickly figured out there was an animal outside. Telli was next to the door doing her defensive bark and sniffing the air intensly!  We looked out the window and sure enough, a black bear was digging through our trash! He was around all of last summer so we kept our trash protected, but we hadn’t seen him yet this year….We had just thrown out a lot of food as we cleaned out the refrigerator, etc….Mr. Bear was enjoying dinner!


He was very particular about what he wanted….he dug very carefully (I was shocked by this, I guess I assumed he would just eat anything in there!)



Then he found what he was looking for. The chicken! (If you look closely you can see the bag of chicken hanging from his mouth! He took it into our “little forest” and sat there to eat through the bag!



He continued down to our lower neighbors yard and dug through their trash. Telli was a little scaredy cat throughout the whole bear episode, however she did jump on our guest bed to watch the bear in the back! (I think she felt like she was at a safe distance) 😉



Our lower neighbor (we live on a hill) just moved in about 2 weeks ago and he started carrying trash outside! We yelled out the window there was a bear outside and not to take the trash out right now! He gave us the look like, theres a bear, in MY yard? NOW? OMG!!! :)…..it was pretty funny….


Nate took Telli to the dog park yesterday and when there weren’t many dogs there he was going to take her for a quick hike….well that was cut short when a huge herd of elk came galloping (is that the right term for elk?) over the mountain and headed down towards them! He said he sprinted as fast as he could back to the penned in area of the dog park. He got up close and personal with the elk once they made it to the green area they were moving towards!

Au2YL9Hi3pDmn3ZywOi4ihmLu3crIwNVoyR2BdMoL3s ydwlEnVO6pIq6-6qTvH4Dy5SFptDfsqm8eIyO1tz5tM

We think all the animals know we are leaving the amazing beauty of Evergreen, but don’t worry animals-we’ll come back to visit!


Have you ever had a close encounter with wildlife?

❤ God Bless


all about Telli….

Good Monday morning!!!!! I hope you all had a fabulous summer weekend! Nate was working at an event in Winter Park this weekend, so it was just the girls in the house for the weekend, and we had fun!

First, breakfast lately has been eggs and veggies. I love it. It’s so satisfying, filling, and refreshing!

3UjsAUVHNZDOsPKOZ6P-aFPzqaJXH28fjqnOaEhDjCI lXycaUMg-73eqxRZuY921VPopUWPFW7gkuKygv1uJhQ ED2CIW75maSlwJgB8FwLHGEdvbdYhdlcECHkrHZPmM8 RuT-dOtIGMvOvboxSAharGU-xDV3wWzrlrbBN-dY5o8


Our girls weekend was filled with walks and snuggles…..








Fun at The dog park….

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Watching an episode of National  North America. Telli loved when the bears came on the TV..

MV2XBis0CEynjob_tUP4LH8MdekVeT8Wyq1nBqqU5HA _eZCbuboTmpW7OtnuE5zSXSLOFjGdQRKfnm-mh7a2hw


And then she got the container of Fage yogurt when I had finished….and boy did she enjoy it…

Vbs3Zk5FsgU7hUcj9bKjy3PMVHcfgj3e_iGJV3DVlpQ Qcl1-wqZTllrl7g-M77sWhYPRNuv0cP8AiL2qDoJZkI

down to every last drop…..

HkomTFpb94TvK1E0aPd_AH-Xm8cuqZjXne3xHw2WCqY VD_TSk5sYE57Y8QpGzJuzYgambDcoyjLuqDQrR8avDU 540snt-Uq4widcZ5A_8JPWzAMcCRECpLlAN5t2FkWB0

Just like Pooh-bear in the honey jar!

We had a very fun time together this weekend and we both were excited when Nate came home yesterday afternoon!

Have a great week!

❤ God Bless