Sunday Funday!

Good evening all! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I love Sundays, but they go by too fast! We were so excited to know that the mountains and ski resorts got “feet” of snow this past week! Technically, closing weekend was last weekend, but because so much snow came throughout the week, they re-opened 3 resorts for this weekend! We knew we were going!

Telli had us up again at the crack of dawn, so we were on the road just before 7. You may have seen my post before about The Bagelry here in Evergreen….well we made a stop before heading out of town! I got the power bagel (It has nuts and fruit in it!) with eggs, cheese and scallions! So delicious!


After getting pulled over (I forgot to put my license plate in the window of the car we were driving, oops! thankfully no ticket), we made it to Breckenridge. I love Breckenridge, but we don’t ski it very often because it gets SO crowded! We did a couple “groomer” runs which had a couple inches of fresh overnight snow, so it was beautiful! We then headed to the top and back bowl of Breckenridge. I was a little nervous, as I haven’t skied the back bowl before and with 4 feet of snow in the last week, I didn’t think my racer skis would do very well. It was challenging coming down, but so much fun and a great workout! At least I knew if I fell, it wouldn’t hurt–but I didn’t fall at all! 😉 After a couple more runs, it began to get crowded and we figured it would be a good time to leave! It was a beautiful, sunny, fresh powder ski day!

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Gorgeous views, right?


The sun was so bright, I couldn’t stop squinting!!! So Nate said on the next one to keep my eyes closed, and on the count of three, open them!  Here is the wonderful picture of both of us trying not to squint!….go ahead…you can laugh!


When we got home this afternoon, we had made plans to meet up with a seller of a vehicle we are interested in. Its a 2005 Subaru outback turbo with a manual transmission! Nate experienced love at first sight and I think we’re going to buy it, as long as everything works out! Since Telli was in the house all morning we took her with so we could go for a walk while we were away from the house. She’s starting to get better on the leash–but I think she just has too darn good of a nose—she sniffs at everything!


Then she waited in the backseat of our car while we took the potential car for a test drive….


After a quick trip to the grocery store, we made dinner that was delicious! I bought coconut oil for the first time and we decided to make a simple dinner of pasta & chicken cooked in coconut oil! Highly recommend! Simple and Satisfying!


Time to relax before the work week! I hope you all enjoy your evening!

Have you ever cooked/used coconut oil before? What have you used it for?

❤ God Bless