After 3 years, I finally had the Rockies home opener off from work. Nate has always been able to go to the games, but I always wanted to go! Well, we got up and I got to ride my first bus in Denver! I know that sounds crazy, living in a big city, but Denver’s public transportation is a work in progress, and I have never worked in an office that was close enough to public transportation! Nate takes it everyday, so he’s a pro!

Here we are on my first bus ride to Denver! (And apparently I was still asleep 😉 )


It was the last bus that went from Evergreen to Denver before the game, so I caught the early one and decided to hang out at Nate’s office for a little while. His company just moved to the top two floors of one of the downtown buildings, so I figured it would be fun to see his new digs, and take in the views! He was right, it was beautiful! Every room was named after one of the mountain peaks and the walls were done in a topography map based on where there office was in reference to the rest of Colorado. Pretty neat! I enjoyed my Starbucks and the view before taking the shuttle to lower downtown to begin to enjoy the opening day festivities!

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I met up with some co-workers downtown. I’m not the biggest party animal in the office, and rarely go out, so my co-workers were especially excited to see me out and enjoying a beer or two with them. I also make fun of Joe’s hat all the time, so he made me put it on for a picture to send to the rest of the office!


I enjoyed some drinks before Nate got off work and we headed over to the stadium….so many people! I always enjoy listening to the National Anthem, so I wanted to get to my seat early.


We drank some beer, ate a hot dog, split some nachos & enjoyed the Rockies win!


Oh and I think my favorite part was getting purple sunglasses from one of the bars downtown! I love ’em…..and so did Nate!


Opening day was all-in-all a great day! A little more crazy than I like, but what the heck, it was still fun-and I would go again!

rockies game

Have you ever been to an opening day? What did you think?

<God Bless