Wine time!

Good morning all!

One of my best friends is up to visit this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! I came home from work last night and Nate already had dinner cooking and Victoria had the wine pouring! Great way to spend aFriday night if you ask me! Victoria brought over a delicious bottle of a red blend.



The tv was of course turned on to March Madness. I had another upset, Villanova lost… 😦 That was in addition to my Wisconsin loss too.. Victoria was surprised by how into March Madness I was. I can’t help it!


Nate was in the process of making dinner while Victoria drank down the wine and chatted as we do best! While I was sick, Nate and I were watching a Pioneer Woman episode and she was making Patty Melts! I had never eaten a Patty Melt before and although they are extremely unhealthy, I really wanted to try one. So Nate made them for us last night as well as sweet potato fries!


We pretty much enjoyed a night of wine and chatting after that!

Oh and some snuggling with my Telli girl!



I love how her little paw is over her face…so precious!



Well a snow storm is going through so I need to leave  for work earlier than normal. I hope you all have a great day!

What is your favorite way to spend a Friday night?

❤ God Bless