Vail Cascade stay-cation weekend!

Good evening! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I am just relaxing after a fabulous weekend in the mountains! Nate and I had got a living social deal a couple months ago for a 1 night stay in Vail. We didn’t recognize the name of the resort and we figured it would be perfect timing just before it gets too busy at the mountain resorts during the summer.

First I must say, having two days off in row with my husband was awesome! We took our time Saturday morning with breakfast, coffee and packing. We left our house and took off for a 1 1/2 hour drive to Vail. Telli did so good in the back seat and slept for most of the way. We always wonder after we drive for 10 minutes, does she think she is going for a long road trip (aka to Wisconsin) or somewhere closer that’s going to be really, really fun! Here is Telli looking cute as ever!


We got to Vail Cascade and O-M-G….it was beautiful! It fits right in the Vail Valley with a luxurious, but mountainous feel as well. We weren’t sure if they would have our room ready at noon, but they did! Heck yeah! We walked to, it opened the door and fell in love at first sight. The room was cool, but the view–Ah-mazing! We were on the ground level which had a terrace, walking path and Gore Creek right outside our room! The snow is currently melting, so the water was rushing and you could hear the roar from our room. How cool is that!

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We knew the weather wasn’t going to be the best for the weekend, so while it was sunny with blue skies, we took a walk on the path right outside our room and along the creek. It was beautiful! I couldn’t help myself but do a little walking on the rocks and then of course, “hunny, take a picture of me!” 🙂


We enjoyed the fresh mountain air, and taking in the beautiful views!

DSC00207    DSC00201

Our walk didn’t last very long because as soon as we saw the pool, we knew we had to go. Once again, in the back of our minds thinking it may not be very long before it starts to rain and storm. The mountains are notorious for their afternoon showers and thunderstorms! The pool and hot tub area was beautiful!


It was large enough to hold quite a few families with kids as well as a lot of couples like us! The water was saline water which I love because you don’t feel like the chlorine is eating away at your skin. Oh, and the best part–it was like bath water temperature! Perfect considering it was only about 60 degrees out!


I was my waterbug little self! Swimming, swimming, swimming and relaxing on the infiniti side! We even stayed in through the rain and the one rumble of thunder! All the families went in when it started raining, and we stayed out! We were nice and pruney, but I love pools and it was warm so Nate was a trooper with me!



It was getting late in the afternoon and our stomachs were pretty grumbly so we headed in to get ready for drinks and dinner. It was American Craft Beer week, so Nate was more than thrilled to try all the beers the hotel bar, Fireside Bar, offers. I still wasn’t thrilled about drinking more beer after my brewery tour earlier this week, so I was perfectly fine with my cocktail of choice- Blueberry vodka, Sprite and Grenadine! When Nate ordered a flight of beer, we got 50% appetizers!


We ordered the white bean lentil hummus…..this is much more than the standard hummus I was expecting.



The hummus was in a jar and the pita chips were very light and airy. It also came with sun-dried tomatoes, pickles, sweet peppers, olives and dates! Now that is what I call a hummus platter!

After some chilling by the fireplace with drinks we worked our way to the restaurant, Atwater on Gore Creek. If you ever need a delicious place to eat in Vail, I highly recommend Atwater on Gore Creek! It was mucho, mucho delicious! I started with my standard glass of Malbec. It was a great tasting wine!



I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted for dinner, they had too many good-looking things on their menu! A couple options I was considering; the butternut squash soup and a salad, Skuna Bay Salmon, Steak kabob or the Hand Torn Pasta….I went for the Hand Torn Pasta! It had crimini mushrooms, carrots, kale, butternut squash, kaffir lime and mushroom broth. It was the perfect dish to satisfy my desire for a healthy, savory, and warm option (since it was cold out!) I devoured every last bite!



Typically when the waitress asks if we want dessert, we decline. But they had a flour-less three chocolate mousse cake that we couldn’t turn down…and I don’t think you could either!



After a little relaxing and letting the food settle we wanted to go back into the hot tub! Well we didn’t end up in the hot tub because it was too hot, but we did end up back in the pool! It was still just like the bath water earlier, so it was perfect to relax and swim around a little bit! I think we stayed in with a few other people for a couple hours! It was so calm and peaceful, the stars were out and there were propane fires all over the pool deck. I could’ve stayed out there all night long!

This morning we woke up to lots of rain…so much for enjoying our little patio with a cup of coffee. We did keep the patio doors open and just listened to the rain and roaring river from inside with a warm cup of coffee! Personally I think just as good as being out there.


We checked out of our room and headed over to the club and spa to get a good workout in. I’ll be honest, since I don’t typically use a gym anymore, I was a little overwhelmed! I just get too excited to use so much of the equipment that I don’t put anything together. I started on the Arc trainer for 20 minutes, then did some weight training, abs and ended on the stair climber! It was a great way to get a good sweat in before heading home! And we were super excited to use the spa facilities with hot tub and steam room!

It was a fabulous weekend! I would recommend this hotel and spa to anybody (I will caution you, be ready to drop some cheddar if you didn’t go the cheap way with a living social coupon!) Golly I love living social deals! We get the opportunity to live and dine in luxury without spending the money like we are!

What is the best place you ever vacationed or stay-cationed?

<God Bless