Favorite Apps!

Good morning! I have the day off today..whoop-whoop! I enjoy my time in the morning with my cup of coffee, my blog, my dog, my bible…and sometimes spend a little too much time playing on my phone. But how can you not?!?! There are so many fun apps out there right now. I might be behind the times on some of these, but I thought it would be fun to do a recap on my favorite apps and see what your favorite apps are! It’s funny to me that you can “find an app for that.” I mean seriously, if I want a way to track something or read something, I go to the app store, type in what i’m looking for and Wa-La, there is an app for that! Let’s get started…..

2013-08-14 07.02.05

What would I do without my google maps app? It get’s me EVERYWHERE and shows me where ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is located! I even use the reviews of different places occasionally to see how different businesses are!

2013-08-14 06.51.00

Diptic is such a fun photo editing website! You can put pictures into different collages and add words to them! Perfect way to share pictures on Facebook and Instagram! In fact I won our office free lunch for the 4th of July! We had a decorating contest and had to send in pictures of our decorations–I enjoyed throwing all out decorations into a Diptic collage…or two…or three..to win!!!!

2013-08-14 06.51.21

Pinterest-How do we plan anything without Pinterest these days! I mean we plan our weekly meals off this website, I’m planning my future house (which I probably won’t be able to afford), I plan my workouts (that I never really do after pinning),  the books I’m going to read, etc.

2013-08-14 06.51.54

Map my fitness is a great app that I have had for a little while! It tracks all your walking, running and hiking and is a great source of gps for me! I love knowing how far I just went and what pace I went at!

2013-08-14 06.52.15

The You version Bible App! I love this app-it’s a great way to have God’s word at my finger tips. You never know when you are going to need to reference a verse or when you just want to read God’s word at some point throughout the day!

2013-08-14 06.52.38

Instagram– I am a little bit of a newbie to this one….I know, WAAAAAAy behind the times! But I love it now. It is a great way to share photos of what is keeping you busy!-I think I’m almost liking it better than Facebook!–mostly because  a lot of people post pictures of their puppies, babies, travels, etc…how can that just not make you smile!

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2013-08-14 06.52.45

Zillow: In the midst of searching for a home, this is a constant app I am using. As someone who still doesn’t know where I want to live, its a great resource to check general housing prices in different neighborhoods, trends on the prices, photos of homes, and quality of schools! All the research you need, already done, in one easy-to-use app. My only negative on the app, is sometimes homes are already sold, however it hasn’t been taken off the app yet.

2013-08-14 06.52.55

9 News: I always need to have my local news station accessible! It’s great to get all the local updates!

2013-08-14 06.53.07

Candy Crush Saga game: I initially jumped on this bandwagon pretty late as well. But then I started and became addicted to the game as you can read in this post. I have slowly begun to fall off because I get tired of playing it, and especially when I get stuck on a level for an extended period of time, I get bored with it.

2013-08-14 06.53.22

Bloglovin’: I love this app to read all my favorite blogs on! Sometimes it reacts a little slow (as most of my blogs I see in my email first) before hitting blog lovin’ a couple hours later. WHat a great way to organize my favorite blogs and show the ones that I have already read!

Recently added apps

2013-08-14 06.53.27

Run a 5k- I have had this app for a couple weeks as I train to become a runner…I have loved this app as a great training tool! There is a “coach” in the background that tells me when to walk and run. It also allows me to play my favorite playlist while I run-such great motivation! At the end, it will compile all my running logs so that I can compare and see myself improve! Improvement is the best motivation!

2013-08-14 06.54.29

Spotify– Can you believe I just downloaded this app yesterday? Once again I thought Pandora was amazing…but spotify? I can download specific songs and create playlists! As you can see I only have the trial version for now, but know as soon as it is up, I will be purchasing the full-blown app. I love it and so far it seems to be pretty user friendly – a key to any app that interests me!

2013-08-14 06.54.45

This is another game. You might know I’m a little obsessed with these little minion guys. So the fact there is a game out there specifically about them and their adventures–I’m in! I just downloaded it yesterday, and honestly it’ll probably be another free game that only lasts about a week on my phone, but for now, it’s fun…and the voices are hilarious!!

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing what my favorite apps are!

Now it’s your turn, what are your favorite apps?

****This just in for a little humor: I got this text message from my sister-in-law this morning as a conversation that was between her and my niece….

K: Mom, when you are done sleeping do you get your buggers out of your eyes?

SIL: Yes

K: I am having a hard time.

Don’t worry K, sometimes buggers are hard to get out of your eyes!!! 🙂