Debt free and moved in!

Happy Saturday to you all! I hope you had a fabulous week and have an exciting weekend planned ahead of you! My cousin and his family are coming into town (with their little 9 month old Erin) and I couldn’t be more excited! I will recap the weekend a little later! This week has been full of busy fun and good news! We officially closed on the house we sold on Wednesday and everything went through pretty smoothly! Good news–the house is SOLD! We are DEBT FREE! We are excited to see what God has in store for us as we embark on the next phase of our life! We actually celebrated last night with a nice dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill! mmmm… was delicious! I enjoyed a wonderful salad followed by Grilled Asparagus, a baked sweet potato and Bison Steak! It was so good, but it was huuuuge!! I have more than half of it left for lunch today!

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I enjoyed my wonderful dinner with a fresh glass of Pinot Grigio! It was the perfect way to celebrate Nate and I being debt free!

And I guess I will go backwards on my week, but yesterday I hosted a BBQ for one of my accounts and their members! It was fun but HOT and I smelled like a BBQ grill by the end of it! The great part, I got to finally enjoy Flip-Flop Friday! It was wonderful…. We had a giant grill, offered Brats, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers! I definitely learned how to grill! Typically Nate does all the grilling, so this was kind of a first for me! I had a blast.

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The police department also was a sponsor at the event, so they brought their street racing car that they use at one of the local racing venues. THe allow kids aged 18-25 to go there for free on Thursdays and race their vehicles in a safe environment. How cool is that!?!?!


And even more backwards in my week, the day we closed on the house, I drove home a convertible! It was the perfect day for it and I really enjoyed the fresh mountain air….and so did Telli!



Love her!

And the elk came even closer than last time to say good-bye! It was a little crazy being this close to them in a convertible! 😉

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At first I thought it was a horse, the way it was bent over eating the grass!

Well, I think that’s the recap for now! I need to be speedy in getting ready for work this morning! Have a fantastic weekend all!

❤ God Bless




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  1. debt free, believe me your never debt free. Did you put a sheet down in that convertible? I would hate to take it back to work with dog hairs in the back seat. Yeah, the elk are going to miss you along with the other animals. But look at it this way, your just a short drive from their home. BBQ looked yummy; when your doing brats and dogs, kinda hard to mess up but I agree, when your in front of that grill all day, yes you will smell like a brat. Were they Wisconsin brats? Hope a good weekend and have a good time with your cousin.

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