A friendly farewell….

Good morning!

Well our house officially looks like were moving! Boxes everywhere, cabinets empty and feeling a little overwhelmed!  We have the moving truck coming tomorrow and I can’t wait to get the process over…moving is a lot of work! 😉 I’m not sure if I ever explained, but we are going to be apartment living for 10 months while we look for a house. Nate and I joke that we will just live in an apartment for the rest of our lives so we don’t have to move again… 😉

I think all the animals know we are leaving…..we have had quite the sitings in the last couple of days! First, on Sunday night we heard a loud BANG! We thought someone set off fireworks or shot a gun! It scared the living daylights out of us! Well we quickly figured out there was an animal outside. Telli was next to the door doing her defensive bark and sniffing the air intensly!  We looked out the window and sure enough, a black bear was digging through our trash! He was around all of last summer so we kept our trash protected, but we hadn’t seen him yet this year….We had just thrown out a lot of food as we cleaned out the refrigerator, etc….Mr. Bear was enjoying dinner!


He was very particular about what he wanted….he dug very carefully (I was shocked by this, I guess I assumed he would just eat anything in there!)



Then he found what he was looking for. The chicken! (If you look closely you can see the bag of chicken hanging from his mouth! He took it into our “little forest” and sat there to eat through the bag!



He continued down to our lower neighbors yard and dug through their trash. Telli was a little scaredy cat throughout the whole bear episode, however she did jump on our guest bed to watch the bear in the back! (I think she felt like she was at a safe distance) 😉



Our lower neighbor (we live on a hill) just moved in about 2 weeks ago and he started carrying trash outside! We yelled out the window there was a bear outside and not to take the trash out right now! He gave us the look like, theres a bear, in MY yard? NOW? OMG!!! :)…..it was pretty funny….


Nate took Telli to the dog park yesterday and when there weren’t many dogs there he was going to take her for a quick hike….well that was cut short when a huge herd of elk came galloping (is that the right term for elk?) over the mountain and headed down towards them! He said he sprinted as fast as he could back to the penned in area of the dog park. He got up close and personal with the elk once they made it to the green area they were moving towards!

Au2YL9Hi3pDmn3ZywOi4ihmLu3crIwNVoyR2BdMoL3s ydwlEnVO6pIq6-6qTvH4Dy5SFptDfsqm8eIyO1tz5tM

We think all the animals know we are leaving the amazing beauty of Evergreen, but don’t worry animals-we’ll come back to visit!


Have you ever had a close encounter with wildlife?

❤ God Bless



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