Candy Crush Saga

Happy Saturday to you all! I am thrilled to finally have the weekend here! Yup, I was the lucky one to work today, but we were pretty slow, so I got to leave early! Whoop-whoop! And we’re on our way to go camping! Whoop-whoop! And I’m typing my first post on my phone… Not so whoop-whoop, but we’ll see how it goes!


Welp, that may have been my first mistake… Hopefully you see the picture, and I think I published it a little early too! 😉 we are on a beautiful and long drive! At least I have a lot to keep me occupied! Candy crush saga, candy crush saga and more candy crush saga.
Have you played this game? I was completely against starting it, because according to Facebook it’s very addicting. Well after telling all my co-workers about it, and them becoming addicted to it and talking non-stop about it, I no longer had self-control. I started playing. And I can’t stop! I’ve been locked out and on the same level forever it feels like! I’m determined to pass it before we get to our campsite…but that’s not looking very promising!
Anyway, I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend and regardless what kind of fun your having we all remember the people that paid the ultimate price to give us this freedom!
I will have a recap on my way home!
❤ God Bless


3 responses

  1. Yep, that last paragraph says it all. Our veterans deserve our attention for their sacrifice to keep our nation free and we get to use the weekend as a getaway! thanks to all vets and service men and women

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