Brewery Tour!

Ah….It’s Friday night, I have a two day weekend ahead of me, a glass of wine, and a delicious dinner! Perfect way to relax….




This was pasta with brussel sprouts and coconut milk! Good, healthy, refreshing! 🙂

Now to recap the highlight of my week.

Brewery Tour!

As I said in a previous post, The Woodhouse Spa, I love the company I work for! They are wonderful and take very good care of their employees. I may not always love my job, but I LOVE the company I work for! Our group manager set up a limo tour to 4 breweries in Fort Collins-all instead of a day at the office! Let me start of by saying I was a little nervous….I don’t drink very often, and I don’t drink beer very often, and I don’t drink all day very often…or like haven’t in 10 years! And I was around a lot of my upper management, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t “taste” too many beers! I did good!


The limo picked us up from work at 10 am and as soon as I climbed in I was handed my first Coors Light. It was surprisingly very tasty at 10 am (I think it was because I was so excited to not be at the office). An hour drive north we arrived to the first brewery. New Belgium Brewery.


I had heard so many great things about this brewery and I love their beer. Unfortunately we were not able to tour this brewery because it has a 2 month wait list! But we did get to taste a couple! I started with the Rolle Bolle. It was ok. Good thing I only had a taster, it was much more bitter than I was expecting. My second taster was delicious! It was the Plout ale. The Plout Ale has hints of apricots and plums and was on the sweeter side. It tasted similar to a cider beer and was very delicious!


We jumped back into the limo and headed to the Fort Collins Brewery for more beer and lunch! It was the perfect, beautiful day to sit out on the porch! We started with some amazing, very bad for me appetizers! Bacon wrapped pretzels! Sounds delicious right? Oh yeah, they were!



I loved this brewery because I was able to taste 8 different beers! I have no clue which ones are which or which ones tasted good. 😉 I did enjoy having many different varieties to choose from…I think I tend to get bored with the same beer in an entire bottle.

AL6jRwx5hIE7W0X6GRaUHIcenIzNQCYRfPeRmF--820-1               BA4wxI7tTtSsWyXH3a49etDIsPusqDT4dS4M56ZU3Iw

If you look closely, you can see the beers I checked off to try! And lunch….O-M-G! I knew I wanted to order the Chicken Thai Sandwich, but the hardest decision was what to have as my side dish. Typically if I see sweet potato fries on a menu, I am all over it, HOWEVER, they had mac and cheese. It may have been the beer talking, but I enjoyed my mac and cheese very, very, very much!


After full tummies, we jumped back into the limo for a quick drive to our next brewery…Odell. I love Odell.


They are known for their 90 Schilling, but once again we got multiple flights that we all picked a beer or two from before heading out on the tour. Their facility is currently under, I think they said, their 3rd renovation. It was cool to take a tour of their facility.I just wish they were bottling at the time. I think that’s always my favorite part. I can’t get over how fast bottles of beer get bottled and packaged! 🙂 I don’t really remember what all these pictures were, but I know there were large canisters to hold the beer, the used hops (they take to local farms to use to feed the horses–I think they said something along that line..) and the bottling area.

m5NWLzSmIyOWwVadR3OmmR9thnpRcDGbVehVeNUDII8 qBkdYMPK5-Sqyk0yv1zZ_5Pdn-UU4Ph6dgckL6Cdtzs l5v5vxRvAYwG5vF9CzoKooymVkUDR7CivMLt6xKFrJA

The free beer at the end of the tour was a coffee flavored beer, and I think I was the only one that enjoyed it!


Our last stop was to the Coopersmiths brewery. I think we all had had almost enough beer at this point, so we thought it would fun to play games. We opened a round of pool and a round of the golfing game. I am unfortunately terrible at arcade games and was the first one out, after only 3 holes of golf. I just enjoyed my final brewery beer. I don’t remember what it was called, but I do remember it had a slight taste of banana.


The limo drove us back to work where Nate was waiting for me to drive me home! What a wonderful, amazing husband I have! It was a great day, but I definitely was brought back to why I don’t like to drink a lot anymore…I hate being hungover. I hate how lazy I feel, how bad my head hurts, and how dehydrated I feel regardless of how much I drink. Needless to say, I wasn’t the happiest camper at work yesterday and today!

Have you ever been on a brewery tour? What is your favorite kind of beer?

I hope you all have a great weekend!

❤ Cheers and God bless



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  1. I remember back in my college days we went to the Twin Cities for a tour of printing plants; a three day tour and on the last day we went to some of the old breweries at the time and had a great time. We visited landmarks at the time called Hamms (from the land of sky blue waters, with the bears) Grain Belt and one other I can’t remember. Needless to say, I don’t remember the 2 hr bus ride back to campus, but it was a great time by all.

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