Family weekends go by too fast!

This is a post of pictures…..because I took so many, and I can’t possibly explain all the fun times we had all weekend, I hope you enjoy!

At Denver Airport ready to fly home!





They were filming a Southwest airlines commercial in our terminal!

wpid-2013-05-02-17.14.39.jpg wpid-2013-05-02-17.14.27.jpg

My niece Kiera was so excited to go with us to pick up my nephew from school!



We enjoyed a delicious Shrimp boil and fish fry on Friday night!



My dad celebrated his birthday a week ago, so my niece made him this awesome fisherman’s trifle cake!

DSC00124 DSC00121


We celebrated my gramma’s 90th birthday! What a fun day!

DSC00126DSC00131 DSC00134 DSC00137 DSC00143


They had a beautiful display of pictures, and letters written from my grandpa to my gramma during the war-how sweet is that!

DSC00146 DSC00147 DSC00148 DSC00150

I participated in show choir in high school, Vintage! It was a competitive singing and dancing group that put on a final performance at the end of the year. They celebrated the 40th year anniversary of Vintage so we all went back to Celebrate!

D9Moxgi3g-Zlw_LWQMmwQpGS1G-Pr3FFk0MS4rslLeE l3SbyIpsvGbk0iV1iYppuIvkreudFMGZjsD1eb91uUQ

Sunday we went to church as a family and then enjoyed a day in the yard playing, napping, enjoying family time!


The kids played “pirate” in my dad’s fishing boat!



Nate and I were happy we got a free upgrade into a dodge journey, and so were the kids! They could ride with auntie Kendra and uncle Nate!



We went over to my brothers to enjoy a campfire, smore’s and guitar songs!

DSC00178 DSC00166 DSC00175Why

It always happens…. when you are around the people you love doing what you love… goes by waaaay to fast! We had such a fun weekend with my entire family back home and it’s always hard to go back. I cherish the moments withe my nieces and nephews of them wanting to ride with us, snuggle with us, and play with us….I have a feeling in 10 years they won’t want to snuggle with me as much as they do now!

Hope you all have a great day!

❤ God Bless


3 responses

  1. Yes it was a GREAT weekend and it definitely went by too fast but enjoyed every moment. thanks for posting pics. Hope we all can do it again, SOON!

  2. It was great to see you and Nate…Yes, weekend went by waaaay toooo fast!!
    It was a great family weekend and a great time on Saturday celebrating Grandma Flo’s 90th Birthday!! Love you and love your blog…

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