Up in the air we go!!


Well, I couldn’t be more excited, I am off work, at the airport and on my way home!!!! I love trips home when I get to see family, and family time is the only thing on the agenda for the weekend. Nate and I were talking the other night about going home and I think for me its more than just seeing family, its all the nostalgia of being home.

– My parents have lived in the same house since I was born. There is something about pulling up in the driveway and opening the back door and being welcomed with open arms.
– The house smell when I walk through the door
– Going up to my old room and seeing all my pictures and things from when I was a kid.
-I just love driving through my hometown! It is such a restored, historic beautiful place
-ooo..and my favorite….all the lakes!! They just look so refreshing and bring back many memories of spending countless hours on the lake!
-And not only the lakes but the trees! They are so large and mature and in the spring, lush and green! (I’m used to Denver where most of the trees have been planted in the last 10 years)
– I love walking down my street. Its where I learned to ride my bike!
-My neighbors house, although they don’t live there anymore, I am taken back to the countless hours I spent in their backyard.
– Going to my home church on Sunday! Its where I was baptized, confirmed and married. Its where I began to have a relationship with Jesus.

What’s your favorite part about going home, besides seeing family?

And I had to share this….they are filming a Southwest Airline commercial a couple gates away from us, how cool is that!!!




I got to hear them say “action” before walking on the escalator!! I hope I see this on TV sometime!

Have you ever seen something taped live in a place your weren’t expecting it?

Have a great night, I’ll check back in soon!!


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  1. don’t be too shocked but the trees are still bare and probably will be that way until Memorial weekend; yeah your room looks like it still did when you left for college, how many years ago? looking forward to seeing you soon for a celebration, a reunion of sorts with old high school friends and the chance to celebrate on stage with your friends and brothers saturday night.

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