First really nice day out…after winter

Good Evening!!!  What a fun filled day today was! (I don’t really have a recap of the last couple days because all I did was work, and who wants to hear about that)

Nate and I were so excited to go to church together this morning (sometimes it seems like we serve on opposite Sundays or we meet up half-way through service). It was a wonderful service under the series CROWDED. This was the final message in the series and boy it was a good one. Our church is all about bringing Christ into people’s lives and ultimately making heaven more crowded! I love that phrase, it makes me smile everytime time I hear and think about it! It  also hits our church as a double-whammy right now because we are getting more crowded which is wonderful, but of course with growth, comes growing pains. Today’s message was on if we are one with the church, we need to serve with the church. We need to share our stuff. We need to share the gifts God has given to us. We can’t just put money in the plate and expect to get everything we need from the church. We must participate, we must serve, we must share the gospel. I sat in my seat very thankful for the church that I love serving (and happy I volunteered yesterday to stay for the 11 am service, so I didn’t feel guilty about not serving after that message 😉 )

Which leads me into….the best form of birth control….working in “little rock” (Babies->4 year olds). Nate serves coffee and I serve in the little rock– Nate says if he would do little rock with me he would never want kids–I’m glad he didn’t serve with the kids today! Oh my gosh were the kiddos cranky today! I think of the 9 that were in my room, 5 were screaming bloody murder for mom and only wanted to be held! I was holding little Jemma and she was the last to settle down, so I was able to take her out of the room and rock with her…then she turned into quite the snuggler–so precious–but still exhausting! I love serving in little rock…although some days can be challenging it makes me happy knowing there are parents getting saved everyday, they are attending church and bringing their children to hear about God! It is such a wonderful ministry to teach kids at an early age to know and love Jesus and that they have a God the father that will love them forever!

When I got home, Nate had Telli already to go for a hike at the dog park! It was a beautiful day….and awesome to spend it with my family! It was pretty crowded so instead of letting her play in the pen area (there were some mean and aggressive dogs there) we took her to the off-leash hiking trails! She did so good staying with us and greeting other dogs and then continuing to follow us. She loved when we made the loop and came back to the creek! I forgot how much of a water-bug she is! Watching her jump in and out of the creek and up and down the hill was hilarious!

2013-04-28 13.59.58

After a good hike, it was the perfect afternoon to grab a frozen yogurt at Menchies! Our favorite summer hangout (that sentence made me sound like a 12 year old!).


It was delicious…Nate enjoyed the cinnamon bun flavor with some toppings and I enjoyed the cake mix and cookies and cream yogurt with brownies, cookie dough chunks, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and chocolate pebbles! Telli sat nicely next to the table as we enjoyed our frozen yogurt in the sun!

2013-04-28 14.42.11

It was too beautiful outside to be inside when we got home so we laid out in the sun for a little while and then I did some tilling in the flower pot areas. I can’t plant any flowers yet, because more snow is expected this week, but I thought it would be good for the soil to take out all the old roots and mix it around a little bit! (I don’t really know if thats the right thing to do, because I definitely don’t have a green-thumb, but it seemed like a good idea!)

And now for dinner…….It’s GRILLING season!

Nate made some delicious burgers with feta cheese and jalapeños inside and I cut up some veggies and sweet potatoes! Oh, and we bought my favorite Wisconsin beer- Lienenkugels Summer Shandy!


We marinated the veggies in olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar! mmmmm, some of the best grilled veggies I’ve ever had! Too bad I did burn the sweet potato fries, but the non-burnt ones still tasted really good!

Telli was really jealous of our meal….I think she wanted some….


That’s when she was patient and good…..

….and then she became like her father….very impatient when she doesn’t get the food she wants!


Well that wraps up today before we head into the work week tomorrow!

What are your favorite things to-do on the “first really nice day” after winter?!?!

❤ God Bless


2 responses

  1. Get my boat out of storage, charged up and test run it on the water. What a gorgeous day to do that but the funny part was sitting on the lake enjoying the sun and then looking at the shoreline and seeing all the mountains of ice piled up. It will be June before their gone! and todays my birthday, another year older but look forward to see ALL my kids this coming weekend

    • I’ve been working in the flower beds – they are a mess! I put out some boxwood bushes and flowers and now they are predicting a freeze later this week.Figures!!

      I’m ready for some Menchies – we’ll have to go there next time I’m in town.

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