Our weekend in Beaver Creek. Part 2.

Yeah, Nate and I did not sleep well at all! We were on a pull out sofa (which we were more than thrilled to have a free place to sleep) but the pull out was not comfortable! Maybe it is because I haven’t slept on one since I was 10, but man, I don’t remember them being that hard and creaky!
Needless to say, we woke up early and snuck out of the room to enjoy some coffee, conversation and views without disturbing Caryn and Jim.

20130405-092811.jpg                                                                                                                                 RoHnEXzosB6kbIKM6SX489GE3wyrEJRic3Q6e7sT1-s

It was a relaxing morning in front of a fire place with a cup of coffee and base mountain view!

Around 8:30 we met up with Caryn again to hit the slopes! We headed over to bachelors gulch (my favorite mountain on Beaver Creek) and enjoyed some great runs before taking a break and catching rays at the Riz-Carlton! It was fantastic!!


And then there was more skiing, more beauty and of course more goofiness!

Ggk4jJEZ28DdQUveDUfbST3K2eq4d5kSjOPzlICpDRs                                                                               rsQDgBLiuvXERGrTqTL_k0ZJLv4f0X8n1B5zaxUWzNU F24ryMZckNke2aBgMHx3Qu40-QWXPsRK0Gvt4eFi4-o                                                                                                                                 L5IsPQMmS-NDRu-2xmMMxWA0y1oFw5l4R2ofH31fUlY

   IoEQqGFGboTCeRZo051O3q2yyj5V_oVNXVRfzRBc2eM                                                                                                     LZvRHmtHnmGOT-hpTt_kC7Nf-KVDfV0E23RIFyVuSxE

I love the aspens! It’s one of my favorite parts of skiing at Beaver Creek!

We worked our way back to the base of Beaver Creek where we ate lunch at a great Mexican Restaurant, The Coyote Cafe. It was so good! I had a Taco Salad, but more importantly had a drink called the “Grand Cran”. It was a drink with Grand Marnier, Cranberry Juice and Lime juice!…So good!


We enjoyed some more hot tub time and more s’more time before having to say good-bye. There was a storm coming in and we didn’t want to get stuck on the road.

It was definitely a weekend to remember! I’m so thankful that all the plans worked out and we were able to spend time together! I am so blessed to have such an amazing cousin, sister & friend! Love you Caryn!


❤ God Bless!


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