Thank God for wonderful, amazing, honest people…..

Have you ever lost something that you knew you made the mistake in losing and didn’t know if you were going to find it again?

Nate and I went through the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course last fall. I must say for two spenders, we are doing very well and we are very proud of it! Granted, sometimes its really hard. Like when I see the cutest shirt, or pair of shoes but I know we’ve already spent our clothing money, I have to wait until our next pay day and “budget meeting.” (make sure the wine bottle is near by) ūüėČ The cool thing about this however is that before if I saw something I liked or thought I liked, I bought it…and then it sits in my closet and I never wear it. Having only so much money to spend, allows me to go shopping and find things I LOVE and if I don’t love anything, then I go home empty handed and save the money so I have more to spend on the next shopping trip!

Here is the wonderful Dave Ramsey envelope system……


I know it seems old school, but it works! At least for Nate and I. When you see the cash disappear between your fingers, it’s much harder to spend than swiping the debit card. We have different envelopes for Groceries, Telli, Clothing, Entertainment, Car Repair/Insurance and Home Repair. The last two categories are the big categories. We don’t use these often, but every pay day we are putting money into them, because car and home repairs cost a lot of money and the whole point is to be prepared for them, instead of being a surprise!


Nate called me on Thursday night at work and said, “have you seen the envelopes around?” I began to have doubt in my mind, because I knew he wouldn’t call me unless he really couldn’t find them….and I had no idea where they could be, and I knew there was a lot of money in there between the home repair and car repair envelopes.

I got home on Thursday and we picked our brain….when was the last time we took money out. Kohls!

We looked at our Kohls receipt to see when that was…..March 3rd!

Did we drive my car or Nates car to Kohls……My car! (crap…to make a long story short, I am provided with a ¬†company car for work, but every couple nights it changes…)

March 3rd was the same day our good friends Andrea and Aaron came up to go ice skating on the lake and have a couple beers. Nate remembered making the comment, “hey look, you have twin Nissan Rogues!”

Ah-ha….I knew what car it was in, I just didn’t know where that car had gone….

After making a couple calls on Friday at work, a client had actually picked up that vehicle and when I called her, the envelopes were still in the glove box! I drove right down¬†completely on the other side of Denver, to her house, picked up a bottle of wine and thank you card on the way and picked up my envelopes! She was such a sweet girl, loves the wine, and told me she was glad I called because if she had found that down the road and didn’t know who it belonged to, she would’ve freaked out not knowing what to do with it!

Thanks so much Ms….you were honest and amazing! I Thanked God many times on my drive home that sometimes we see so much bad in the world, that we forget there are many wonderful and honest people. I’m glad my envelopes were in the hands of an honest amazing woman!

Have you ever lost something, and recovered by a stranger?

God Bless ‚̧


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