My very first post

I have known many people to keep a blog, and after hesitating for awhile, I’ve decided to take the leap! I never wanted to start one because I didn’t think I could come up with enough topics to talk about…..but I think I have plenty to talk about. My goal right now is to post at least once a week, but hopefully people enjoy reading what I write as much as I love to write it, and will post more often!

I figured I would begin with an introduction to my life.

Here is a picture of the love of my life, Nate, since I am certain I will talk about him a lot in my blog (even though he won’t like it that I do!) 😉 We met about 3 years ago and have best friends since! I knew he was a great fit on our first date when we didn’t realize we were at the restaurant for 5 hours. We wanted to see each other again…soon! So we went skiing all day the following day and I didn’t ever want to leave! Granted I was having so much fun beating someone down the mountain too! (although he will not admit this.) 😉 And then I really knew I liked him when we decided to go to CHURCH together the following day and then went to grab some WINGS and BEER and watch the PACKERS play some football! And, well….the rest is history—no I know topics will come up over the many blogs I write to catch you up!


Telli is the second love of my life (sometimes Nate says that I love her more than him…well that’s only true….sometimes, when she’s snuggly and he’s stinky) 😉 She is an almost 1 year old, black lab that thinks she is the queen of the house. She knows all she has to do is bat her little puppy dog eyes and she will get whatever she wants-except on our bed and people food! Her mom was a FEMA certified search and rescue dog, so she has a nose that will sniff for days and days if we let her. Needless to say, she has been a difficult dog to train to run with because she likes to stop and “smell the roses”-or old dog poop, or the elk that is a mile away! She loves when we get dumped on with snow!! She will bound through it naturally like a deer! Here is her in our snowstorm from last week.


So beautiful…right?



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  1. Your puppy looks so sweet! We have a lab that runs our house, too! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what you have to say as you continue blogging. Everyone has a voice, and it’s fun to “meet” new people and learn their stories.

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